Saturday Night Contest - Dressed to Impress

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. JB: spongebob
    Andrei: Patrick

  2. I dont know if you can do a second entry but if not someone tell me cause this is my second.

    JB:you be mac from the comecials and,
    AJ:Andrei you be PC that will get a laugh or 2
  3. JB: Ronald Mcdonald:D
    Andrei: Burger king guy
  4. I beat you to that magicman2292 Check page 4 in the middle for my ideas (spongebob and patrick are already there) :)
  5. Barack Obama
    John McCain
  6. JB: Cher
    Andrei: Sunny bono
  7. JB-Queen of England
    Andrei-Cleopatra of Egypt

    Your ol pair of Queens you :)
  8. JB: Vincent Vega
    Andrei: Jules Winnfield
  9. Johnathan can be Gandalf and Andrei could be Saruman
  10. JB - Tinkerbell
    Andrei - Minnie Mouse
  11. Already taken by me =D
  12. JB: Penn- the Loud Mouth

    Andrie: Teller- the Talent
  13. I reinforce the idea of: JB - Joker. Andrei - Jester. Pop on a hat, a cane, some striped clothing! Easy, and good.
  14. I like that one :)
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