Saturday Night Contest - Dressed to Impress

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. Both should go as keep left signs.

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    (if im only allowed one submission, make it the jack sparrow and barbie doll one)

    JB - definetly MacGyver! you should have loads of different things in your pockets and a deck of cards and mess around with Ck's mind throughout the party.

    Andrei - pink bunny ( this is way too hard to imagine!)

    it just doesnt get any funnier

    actually it does!
    JB - Jack sparrow (or some other hilarious drunk pirate scumbag!)

    Andrei - Homer simpson, or even some kind of Vending Machine! that would most definetly be awesome.

    and if JB could get his hands (or body) into one of these - direct winner. (i dont think its physicly possible for Andrei to fit inside!)
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    JB-Criss Angel
    Andrei-David Blaine

    [​IMG]>>>>>[​IMG]chains, massive ego..

    [​IMG]>>>>> [​IMG]paint on 'tasche?...

    I would pay to see that.... maybe an olympic magic fight off? part 2 of the olympic series? ;D
    also, i would have said dan and dave but i thought it'd be funnier to see these 2, go O.T.T...

  4. you should both go as giant testicles and any guy that comes and asks what you are you tell them," we are two testicles and you're a dick." hahaha
  5. That's definitely family friendly
  6. I think you two going as each other. Andrei will dress like JB and JB will dress like Andrei.
  7. Andrei should be max maven and JB as santa clause aka eugene burger
  8. Jb should dress as anjelina jolie
    Andrei as brad pitt.
  9. JB can go as an old fashioned magician (i.e. tails, white gloves and big magic wand)
    and Andrei can go as himself in a top hat.
  10. Saltine crackers.

    Greatest costumer ever...

    Or JB should go as Catwoman and Andrei as Wonderwoman. I'd go as Catwoman, because I'm cool. Are you uncool JB? Are you? Now do as I say.

  11. Go as the king and queen of hearts. Decide who's who by a nice game of rock-paper-scissors (and none of that 2 out of 3 crap).

  12. JB: Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Andrei: Luke Skywalker
  13. Hmm...

    Sounds like a fun party!!! :) Happy birthday Katie!

    I am not sure how many entries we get so here I go with 3:

    1) Luke Skywalker (Andrei) and Darth Vader (JB)

    2) Plug (Andrei) and Socket (JB), very original, looks so funny, if you guys will be staying together most of the party...

    3) Joker (JB) and King (Andrei), relates to cards and look pretty sweet and no one has to fight for who has to be the queen ;) hehe

    Good luck everyone,

  14. Lol

    We both wrote almost the same thing! OOPS lol I was posting mine probably at the same time as you were... :( It's ok mine's a bit different.

    Good luck!

  15. Andrei should go as a fat, red and juicy strawberry. Like that:

    JB should go as Tigger:


    Both as Angela Merkel:
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    Andrei- Obama

    JB- Biden


    Andrei- Mcain

    JB- Palin
  17. Andrie: Daniel Garcia wearing a T-Shirt that says; "Chris Kenners Favorite"

    J.B.: Chris Kenner. Wear a t-shirt that says "I love Danny Garcia!"
  18. jb- ZOMBAKORN (zombie unicorn)
    aj- zolve (zombie wolf, so its bascily like a warewolf only opposite, so it is normaly a zovle but on a full moon its a normal human)
  19. Haha.. yeah, when i was finished posting i saw yours :p
  20. JB should be criss angel
    Andrei should be david blaine
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