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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. kinda just said that sorry. :(

    EDIT technically i didn't i said the opposite. NVM
  2. Andrei can wear a money "Pimp" suit with the hat and wear those colored sunglasses and have elevator shoes. He has to have a cane and bling bling on.

    Johnathan can wear a wonder woman costume WITH purple hair and with a lasso.
  3. i saw that after i posted it

    ok a new one then

    jb: daniel garcia
    aj: wayne houchin

    sorry if some one already said that
  4. andrea should dress as a cock block

    basically have a box around his waist, with a red rooster painted on it

    and all night he goes around, interrupting couples or guys trying to pickup, and effictively cock blocks them.

    as for j
    i think dressing up as Rick suits you just fine

    (not to mention youll get a lot of female attention)

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  5. JB needs to go as Chung Ling Soo and needs to be very politically incorrect (as it would be historically accurate). He also needs to produce a bowl of water from a cloth and then produce a small child (that's historically accurate too).

    Andrei must costume himself as Orson Welles (which means he better start eating himself to death pretty soon). Here's some reference:

    He must speak just like Mr. Welles (including using the words "hanky" and "panky"). The Turban is optional. The beard is not. (He must produce a duck as well).
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  8. JB - Miley Cyrus
    Andrei - Billy Ray Cyrus

  9. Okay, JB should go as...

    And Andrei should go as...

    2nd Choice for either Andrei or JB... (You get a cane, how cool is that!)

    Or you both could just get some "Spider Undies" and show up in them. With some high white socks and black sneakers.


    P.S. One other cool thing, someone (Andrei) could go as Mr. T. and Hair
  10. How many submissions can we enter?
  11. andrei as hannah montana

    j as big fat black guy

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  12. Andrei should dress as Kenner and try to balance katie on his abs. Yeah that's what I said.
    JB should dress as Jeff McBride, I love that guy's costumes.
  13. Dunno but if its only one i'm sure out.
  14. go as the Dumbo brothers

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    J. Bayme See if you can try to get like a little pack to go on your stomach and try to look like Chris Kenner and with glasses you can see fine enough. Or you can dress like the Flinstones You be Fred and Andrei can be barney. Or Maybe Something like Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown. Or maybe something like Cheerleaders and Cheer to Katie and Chris. IM just givin some random ideas but these are some of what my friends did to do for a prank. You know how about a spoof of somebody like david blaine or david copperfield im not sure if you would like to or not. Maybe somethin like weirdalyankavik. What about andrei lucy and j ricky
  16. some other ideas

    andrei can go as the baby


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  17. Andrei could be Gambit, and JB could be... Storm. :D
  18. Andrei: Im thinking more of a Drunken German dude in, germans traditional clothing eg. Example Here.

    JB : The fun thing would be if you were dressed like the girl there but that would mean you would be similar.
    You could be an ipod :) That would be awesome, or a condom.
    This would be the best for you! :) (JK)
    I think a colorful 60´s Hippie would look great on you ;).

    Have a nice party anyway,

    (Greet Katie Too!)
  19. jb- hannah montana
    aj- miley Cyrus
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