Saturday Night Contest - Finish This Flourish

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andrei, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Same here, please? Mine's the 2nd flourish in the vid he posted.
  2. Wow, I actually won :D

    Thanks Andrei and everyone else :)
  3. congrats magicpowder.
  4. Congrats magicpowder. I just have some feedback about this weeks contest. I understand that the contest was to "finish the flourish", not to "finish the flourishes". I don't think any single flourish from magicpowder's video sticks out more than anyone elses, however as a whole they do add up. I feel like had we all been allowed to do that than there would have been a lot more creativity. However most of us just picked one flourish we liked the best out of all of our ideas that we brainstormed and decided to go with that. I think the rules should specifically state next time if we can do several different flourishes like magicpowder did, or if we can just pick one to showcase.
  5. Well.. No one said you "couldn't" as I stated before in one of my previous posts. Should the rules be a little more clarifying? Yes, but that doesn't explain why so many people weren't being creative. Not to sound rude or anything but half of the stuff I saw in the videos have all been done.. Now I know the material I did also probably has been done too but maybe in some way I did it a little differently? I didn't try and concentrate on speed or smoothness all I tried to do was to be creative and think of new things. I saw some really good videos also but they reminded me of flourishes I have already seen. And, isn't the goal of a flourisher to think of new things and push concepts? Anyway I thank everyone and yea.. That's about it I guess.
  6. I don't think you should give yourself too much didn't do anything differently. You pretty much only won because your video had more material to showcase than the other entries. Other than that, your video wasn't anymore creative than the rest so I wouldn't be so fast to judge the other videos on creativity if I were you.
  7. so nick, howd u like ur boi pj renn getting owned tonite
  8. Well I did put a question mark at the end on my sentence explaining that I might not have. Its not like I didn't judge my own video also but like I said before no one said you couldn't do multiple flourishes.
  9. I'm kinda sad that Andrei didn't put his ending to the flourish, oh well.
  10. I only think that magicpowder didn't deserve to win because everybody else only had one flourish per person, he had like 15. That gave him more chances to win, and while it wasn't completely obvious that you couldn't enter more than one flourish, I'm sure he understood that they're looking for one flourish yet went ahead and posted so many...
  11. I agree. I guess next time when a contest is posted, I'll go ahead and do more, just because "they didn't say I couldn't".
  12. You had two, but that was of the same flourish. It's just that one was the finished one. Casey had two flourishes in one video, but one was my entry as I couldn't flourish it.. Please, Andrei, next time, can it be limited to one flourish entry per person? 10 flourishes isn't fair to everybody else, they used their common sense and figured out that you were only looking for one flourish.

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