Saturday Night Contest - Finish This Flourish

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andrei, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Yep, the first flourish is Casey's tricycle. Second one is my Angel's Bite, performed by Casey. Only three entries so far... good luck everybody else!
  2. Im not gonna lie, im not a terribly good flourisher......
    but i had a cool idea, and gave it a shot... my entry is loading at the moment,
    Called Syshot
  3. No one said I couldn't make a video showing ALL my idea's... ;)

    Sorry for the bad quality and lighting, I did this on my webcam like I need a cam...

    Good luck to everyone :D
  4. A little advice for those who have not submitted or those who may want to resubmit, please do not turn this move into a sybil motion, the point of this contest is to jog your creativity so you can come up with an original move.
  5. @andrei
    you should have told us that before people started submitting videos :p
  6. Andrei, i'm jut wondering but is this contest based more on "creativity" rather than just "smoothness"? Of course I know we should practice the move but i'm just curious how this contest is rated by.
  7. The problem I had was no magic for weeks! It's cool to have a balance but mix it up. Don't put magic in a drought to do some flourishing, do a flourish one, then magic, and a random one. Unless the fan base has been webcam 13 year olds for the past couple of weeks, I just don't get it. I jokingly said "Watch the SNC is going to be a flourishing one", and low and behold.... I mean how much flourishing can you really do? Cut here fan there. I am thankful you are going to do a magic one.
  8. Some nice entries guys! Keep it up. 15 minutes remaining.
  9. Here's my entry:

    I created this and filmed it in about 10 minutes, so the performance is very choppy. I hope this contest isn't based on camera quality either lol.
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  11. To Andrei, just wanted to say I just got Genesis in the mail on Wednsday and I'm learning alot. Looking forward to the next one.
  12. This contest was a surprise on many levels, I did not think we were going to get as many submissions as we did considering the starting move is just strange! The one thing I surely did not expect to happen was people turning this into a sybil fight, but it happened! I suppose that is creativity in one form!

    Let me preface with saying that I have nothing against sybil cuts; however, they are so overused, it makes me cry every time I see a sybil variation. The Sybil Cut is one of those moves that is fairly easy to learn and makes one look incredibly skillful so therefore I can see the appeal! However, the point of these SNC contests is not for people to create the fastest, coolest, smoothest, craziest sybil cut. If that were the basis on which we judge, the same 2 people would always win - that is no fun. It would be ridiculous for me to expect anyone to create a flourish and be smooth in less than 3 hours! It takes a lot of guts to show a diamond in the rough but that is the ultimate goal - the polishing can come later. Find your diamond and take the road less traveled.

    Next time we hold a Cardistry contest, please keep all of this in mind. We want to see creativity, something different, and something unique. With that said, tonight's winner had a very rough submission that needs a lot of work on the technical aspect but one that also showed creativity and a unique take on the starting flourish. Congrats to MagicPowder:

    Please understand it is not necessarily skill and speed we are looking for - it is creativity. Anyone can win these Cardistry contests! Please congratulate the winner - he did an awesome job!
  13. I knew I wouldn't win I never do, congratz to the winner though!
  14. Congrats to the winner! Just a thought, in the description it says the singular form of flourish, not the plural. So I didn't know we could have done multiple flourishes using the starting grips. Oh well.

    Can you critique mine though? I just want to know if I had a good idea going on.

    Until next time,


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