Saturday Night Contest - Fool Us!

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  1. Here is a video of my handling of a classic effect. Those who know the original handling/method will be fooled.

    Things to keep in mind: This handling can be done live, standing or seated.....sleeveless. With that criteria, be fooled.

    The responses to this video speak for themselves.

    And, in the theme of this contest...a quote from the magic cafe:

    "BRodgers, that is the best work I've seen so far on The Mint! Ha! I LOVE to be fooled!"
  2. How many entries are we allowed?
  3. Ok Guys. just bored on a saturday night. so i recorded all of these. many were from tonight. and some have been things that have been worked on for a while.
    so i'll just post a couple of them.
    hopefully at least 1 of them fools you.... april fools, none of them will.

    Finger Flickster:
    match Attack: (credit to Dan Trippi)

    kinda funny one:
  4. i don't think i have time to upload my video can i send it somewhere via mail?
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  6. I'm not quite sure of the task.
    Since it is "FOOL" us, are we allowed computer editing?
  7. My submission. Simple, easy, short, and clean. I hope you enjoy.


    Direct link, incase my video link fails:
  8. [video=youtube;GEpERrjeVBs][/video]

    Here's my video. I hope to get in one more before the contest ends

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