Saturday Night Contest - Fool Us!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Heres my submission. Hope I made it in time:
  2. sucks I missed out.. so close.. yotube takes slow!
  3. **** man got delayed
    as per my country timings
    i could not participate
    i wish the contest was extended
  4. thanks mate! :)
  5. I agree on the extension.. Calen gets a day to create, we had 3 hours haha..
  6. lots of ppl got things in. so why an extension. just try next week
  7. but quality things? not many :p

    lol good luck to the winner..
  8. next week same thing will happen
    so its better for extension
  9. Why do you guys wait untill now to ask for an extension?
  10. What? .....
  11. Just upload problems man. No biggie
    Good luck to everyone.
  12. I understand, I barely got mine in on time.
  13. Miscalculated upload time lol
  14. dang it i didn't join this snc cause i don't have any good enough to fool you guys! :( I so wanted that prize!
  15. Why do you want an extension? That's just stupid. You people KNOW the drill by now. EVERY Saturday a contest is posted, you have GRATUITOUS time to get something put together, and uploaded. Every week the upload deadline (unless otherwise stated) is 11pm Eastern Standard Time. There really isn't any surprises. Either you play the game, or you don't. Don't whine about it! I can't recall how many SNC's I've missed out on either because time zones didn't work out for me, I forgot it was Saturday, or I had technical issues getting everything to work right. It's frustrating, but it's life.

    Look, I work a 9-5 job, I live 3 hours BEHIND the time zone they use for their events, AND I'm away on business doing a gig for two days living off a boat in a marina, and I STILL managed to get a video filmed and submitted in time for the contest. Extending it isn't fair to everyone else who DID play the game by the suggested rules.

    Just saying. Best of luck to everyone who has submitted! I look forward to seeing who wins this!
  16. nice prize i actually thought all of thoughs cards were cool looking! xD!
  17. Calm down okay... lol... I just mentioned it. doubt it'll happen, not like I'm PUSHING for one or will be heartbroken if I don't get one.... lol... I'm not wanting one anymore... lol... I'm bout to watch a movie now lol..
    Really didn't need you to say anything lol...

    again, good luck to everyone...
  18. So is it extended or something? Or are they just still judging?

    I wanted to post, but I miscalculated how long it would take to upload, so I just canceled it...

  19. I think, lol, that you, lol, didn't use, lol, enough "lols" Okay? lol. lol, I wish, lol that you, lol, would use, lol more "lols" in the future, lol.

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