Saturday Night Contest - Fool Us!

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  1. this contest is nuts! some good entries (and some that are not haha) lots of great stuff

  2. Mine is one of those lol
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  4. Dang i need to come up with something quick!!!
  5. Why does almost everyone do card tricks? I love cards but i thought i'd get away from cards and do something else. The original trick isn't mine, I just modified a concept I learned a long time ago, but have never seen anyone do. Please leave comments. Enjoy!
  6. I created the same effect, and the same method, last week!
  7. Here's a simple coin vanish. Hopefully it hasn't been done before.
  8. [video=youtube;KceY6if00Tc][/video]

    The Wiper Change.
  9. Here's what i did for those crimson red awesome little miracles. 3am (time here) i saw the contest, i figured something i would like to try by 3:15, i finished it and realized i needed to bring my a-game cause i wanna win that much so 4am i called some friends and we drove to one's house, shoot a video and i left the video uploading on youtube there while i got back home. I came back logged in to youtube, took my link and now @05:53am i present you bicy-ho. I hope you enjoy and i hope more i win! Great entries everybody!

    p.s. excuse my english!
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