Saturday Night Contest - Guess Again

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  1. Actually its mine ;)

  2. Oh wow.

    - Sean
  3. Maybe their both new gaff cards?
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    5 of hearts, Eight of clubs.

    Two 4 of clubs.

    King of spades, 2 of diamonds.
  5. Wow. Please read the other submissions before posting. That will give you better chance at winning. That has been submitted like 7 times. =P
  6. Ah. We be doomed.
  7. King of Hearts and The Ad card?
  8. Both cards are the same
    1. Double Backers
    2. Jokers
    3. Ace of Spades


    Maybe that's too obvious.... :confused:
  9. Do you have time to read 21 pages of post?

    Not me!
  10. well it is yours then i didnt read all the posts they are too many why dont you give me that guess:D
  11. Guess #1

    3 of spades
    7 of diamonds
  12. thats not how math works

    as its been said before there are 56 possible cards
    having two decks means that there are 112 possible cards
    you have to pick two
    the odds of getting the pair right is 1/(112 choose 2)

    *choose is a mathematical function
    google 112 choose 2

    now, if you consider the hint meaning that both cards are the same card
    then you are essentially picking one card from 56
    so the odds of you of guessing correctly is 1/56

    please people
    learn some statistics before talking like you know
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  14. Ad card has no "back." Its an ad on both sides.

  15. Guess 1 : 2 double backers.
    Guess 2 : 1 Joker 1 Double backer
    Guess 3 : King of diamonds and Jack of hearts.
  16. The AD cards don't have Guardian backs, they are double-sided with the Theory11 logo.
  17. Actually, Phil is right bud. If you have 55 cards out of two decks. And assume any of them can be chosen. Thats 55 cards, and you still can pick from those 55 cards, I.E. 55*55. Your way assumes all 112 cards are unique. There are doubles of each. So you need to divide your answer by 2. You should take a lesson from stats, ;)

    As for the ad card, it has no back. Its an ad on both sides, so its only 55 cards :p

  18. Lat guess.

    Joker and an ace of spades.
  19. 4 of diamonds and seven of clubs
  20. First guess: Ten of clubs and Ten of clubs

    Second guess: Three of hearts and Three of hearts

    Third guess: ace of clubs and ace of clubs

    Am I copying anyone?

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