Saturday Night Contest - Guess Again

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  1. Guess #2:

    6 of Clubs
    5 of Diamonds
  2. Guess one: two four of hearts

    Guess two: Queen of hearts and queen of diamonds

    Guess three: six of diamonds and four of diamonds (distortion)
  3. if we are just guessing random numbers and suits, why do we need the pictures?

    1. 2 double backed cards
    2. 2 of hearts and jack of hearts
    3. 3 of diamonds and six of spades
  4. Do we get four guesses? PhilTheMagician did. I don't want to guesse a fourth time if we are not supposed to and get disqualified. Someone please tell me if I can guesse again.
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    both cards are ace of spades!
  6. dont have time to read the other pages so I'll just hope I don't repeat.

    1st guess: 3 of clubs an joker

    2nd guess: 7of spades and ace of hearts
  7. 8 hearts and 8 hearts. Thank you guys for letting me know about the ad cards! Totally forgot!!!
  8. You can guess four times, I believe.
  9. Guess # 3

    Ace of Hearts

    3 of Diamonds
  10. After randomly picking out cards

    Jack of diamonds, 5 0f spades
  11. First Guess

    10 of hearts
    4 of diamonds
  12. sorry I double posted.

    How about both kings of clubs?
  13. 1. King of Clubs 8 of Spades

    2. King of clubs King of clubs

    3. Ace of Diamonds Two of Spades
  14. Extension guess

    Two aces.
    One a spades and one a clubs.
  15. Oops, in my last post I just put Queen of hearts. I ment to put Both of the cards are Queen of hearts.
  16. I'm guesesing I can guesse a fourth time because PhilTheMagician did, so my fourth...

    2 of Diamonds and 2 of Diamonds
  17. Extra guess:

    2 Ace of Diamonds
  18. no, were both wrong
    our stats show that the sets
    ace of diamonds 3 of diamonds
    3 of diamonds ace of diamonds
    are unique
    but they are not
    let me think this through
  19. Second guess:

    2 of hearts and 2 of hearts
  20. how about both of the cards being the 7 of spades?

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