Saturday Night Contest - Guess Again

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by waynehouchin, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. math.

    not true.

    the total number of events is just 55*54/2 + 55. think about it. make two sets. where we have two different cards and the same cards.

    different cards:
    55 choose 2.

    same cards:
    we have 55 pairs.

    stop playing with cards and study math!
    i'm in stat right now. :D
  2. 2x Ace of Spades

    2x Ace of Hearts

    2x Ace of Diamonds
    2x 6 of Diamonds

    2x Ace of Clubs
    2x 2 of Clubs

    2x Double Backers

    2x Jokers

    2x Any of the Jacks

    And also... The ad cards have no back. They are the ad on both sides.

  3. Yo.

    Guess 1: 6 of Spades/ 9 of Diamonds

    Guess 2: King of Clubs/ 2 of Hearts

    Guess 3: Ace of Spades/ Jack of Clubs

  4. Second guess:

    2 jokers
  5. 2 seven of diamonds?:confused:
  6. my guesses

    1. 2 of hearts and ace of clubs
    2. queen of diamonds and 3 of clubs
    3. 3 of clubs and 2 of hearts
  7. G1=2 spades and jack of spades.
    G2=2 hearts and 7 clubs.
    G3=10 clubs and 8 clubs.

    G4=king hearts and kind of clubs.

  8. both queen of diamonds?
  9. Actually, (55*54) + 55 should do it.

    (Uniques) + (Cases where we can have a double)

  10. Last guess for real this time:

    6 of Spades and 10 of Diamonds

    Thanks for the extra guess, Wayne!
  11. My extra Guess:

    A double backer and a blank card

    Weird guess, but owell
  12. Omg! It seems that both my first and second guesses had been taken up by the others. I'm wondering if I should look through all of the posts, compile them into a list, and thoroughly analyse the guesses, and come up with a very educated guess using the process of elimination? By but the time I had done so, some others might just have had their wild guesses right! So I might just as well have a wild guess here... Lol!

    Guess 3: Two Nines of Hearts

    Don't know if anyone had the samething AGAIN before me. :p
  13. guys, I think we should all just start guessing before it hits 11.
    We have a half hour to figure out what the two cards are.

    Deal Or No Deal?
  14. Doubles





    2x Double Backers

    2x Jokers

    And also... The ad cards have no back. They are the ad on both sides.

  15. Both Queen of Spades!!
  16. Wow. ThrallMind. You really are putting a lot of thought into this very simple contest. =)
  17. Man, its gonna take Wayne ages to read all these guesses......
  18. i know stat.

    i tell you sir, it does not. haha.

    combinations (order does not matter a.k.a king of spades-ace of spades is equal to ace of spades-king of spades)-

    nCx (n choose x)
    so (55*54*...)/((53*52*51..)(2*1))

    permutations (order does matter a.k.a king of spades-ace of spades is NOT equal to ace of spades-king of spades)

    simply. n!/(n-x)!

    i stand by 55*54/2 + 55 = 1540 i think
  19. guess 4

  20. My fourth and final guess.

    two 3 of clubs

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