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Dec 27, 2010

I remeber when I was a kid I had to order a magic catolg in the mail. Then, I had to read bout each item without ever seeing them. Then, order that item through the mail. The internet has allowed to see the effect and product. That alone has changed my direction in magic. I am more aware of what is available.
i feel technology makes it easier to learn about different resources and how to get a hold of them. also helps networking with people easier with info and ideas. i like technology because i was able to find references easily for someting i was working on and it would have been almost impossible with out the help of magicians on the other side of the states and the world to help me
Feb 12, 2011
At my Computer
I learn from people who live no where near me because of being able to video chat.
I share my magic ideas and stuff through forums like these.
I collaberate by helping people on the internet improve trick ideas.
Jul 18, 2010
Learn, Share, and Collaborate
Our Magic evolves

A Haiku by Connor Smith (HeCtic)
Feb 7, 2010
Sweden, Uppsala
Technology have made it easier for everyone to get into magic without having an uncle that showed you some tricks when you were a little boy/girl. As many others I got interested in magic through YouTube, so I Googled for some tutorials and found a website with written explanations of these really bad mathematical tricks. When I got bored of those I found video tutorials on YouTube. I later found better sites, like this one, and realized how bad those YouTube tutorials were. So I started buying my material, coming up with my own and I also started to hang out on The Magic Session learning valuable stuff from there.
Dec 20, 2009
Without technology, many people who know magic right now wouldn't have learned it in the first place. All the new technology allowed magic to be available to much more people than before, with all the more accessible magic shops, and the mass production of magic itself. This allowed everyone to share the joy of magic. For many generations, people have found magic through many different aspects of technology, whether it be the Internet, the TV, or even the radio (who knows?). But this wouldn't happen without the collaboration of us magicians. We needed to work together and form places for the new magicians, whether it is online, like Theory11 and Ellusionist, or real life groups, like the IBM or the SAM. For without our collaboration, we couldn't have shared the magic, allowing the next generation to learn it and pass it on.

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Dec 2, 2010
The internet played a significant role for me to start magic. when i first saw my friend doing a twirl change, i instantly fell in to magic. i went into youtube and started learning magic. without the modern day technology, i would have never learnt magic. i believe that internet played a huge role on bringing up the magic community to the next level.
secondly, through the internet, i was able to share my performances on magic and often receive constructive criticism and support. this help me a lot on keeping interest on magic and improving my magic as well.
last but not least, through collaborating with people through live chatting, i was able to learn lot of great infromation and tricks from other magicians that were inspiring and better than me. this really helped me to created my first very own trick.

wow... by looking back, what would i've done without modern tech?
Dec 4, 2008
Technology has helped me to contact magicians around the world. I have been able to speak with Jonathan Bayme and Lee Asher. I have been able to stay in contact with a foreign exchange student that went to my high school that I introduced to magic. He has performed in Germany and Japan. I am a member of the Conjuring Arts Research Center, which has an extensive library of magic books, and I have attended both Essential Magic Conferences. Technology has allowed me to learn a lot about magic very quickly, and it has allowed me to share ideas and collaborate with magicians on different continents. I would not be the performer that I am without this technology.
May 25, 2010
The internet has really helped me and advanced my magic. I got into magic and shortly found out about Penguin Magic and ordered some stuff from them. Through some of my interactions there I came to find Theory 11 and it completely changed my life.
I learned about new tricks and cardistry and fell in love with magic books. Those books and this site have really inspired my magic.
As Eric Mead said during EMC,it made me feel like a beginner again.
I love progressing through magic, because it is filled with those moments that make you feel like a beginner again.
Sep 30, 2009
Elkhart, IN
Technology help me with my magic by bringing many different people in to my life that have shared what they have learned over the years. I'm talking about this site "Theory11". I found this site by accident a few years ago and I have never left. With out todays technology I would not have learned some of the tricks I do today. I would have never known about flourishing (which is very cool by the way) even though I don't know much. But that there is the whole reason for this contest...I wouldn't have known any of the things I do now with out todays "technology".
Apr 1, 2011
technology has made me a magician by helping me learn tricks on it made me share the things i learning's to people around me ^^
every one collaborated to ever one ....
Dec 2, 2010
The main reason why I started magic was because of the summer camps that I went to last summer. Lots of children wanted to see magic so I searched online for magic tricks, and the results leaded me to youtube first. I'll admit, I used youtube at the beginning of my magic career because it was free. It was only after near the end of the summer camp that I learned about the integrity of magic and the respect that I gained for artists on Theory11.

I then started to buy products from mostly from Theory11 and Ellusionist. I have to admit that if it wasn't for technology, I wouldn't be the magician that I am today. Because of the easiness to learn from such professionals like the 1on1s, I felt that I learnt magic on such an intimate level with the artists. I thank you you very much for creating a website so many experienced and amateur magicians can meet together and share our ideas. I think it's because of websites like Theory11 and Ellusionist that give the magic community a strong presence.

Within the year of doing magic I have grown so much and I hope that someday I can make a contribution to the magic community as well :)
Apr 9, 2008
I start magic from a magic book bought at bookshop in1998. That time , I don't know Penguin Magic and Ellusionist.

Thanks to internet , I find a mandarin forum with magic section in china. Someone nickname "Huo Wa" share the basic card magic sleight of hand in the forum , he also film the way of perform and upload to the forum. From there , I learn foundation of magic.

After few month , I meet a friend who work at Singapore in a forum. He share magic information with me , tell me how to purchase magic tutorial through the magic website , so I explore more in magic.

Today , Technology like iPhone make magic more wonderful , we can perform magic with iPhone , or use iPhone to share magic video anytime anywhere.


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Jun 18, 2011
The internet and social media has gotten me many places. I have gotten hired for gigs off of facebook. I have also been hired to perform at a magic conference just a few months back due to a message on facebook. I have also met business partners that I would have never known just over the internet. It has gotten me many places.
Well Magic has changed my Whole Life, it's just the fact Not to Be able to Be without a Deck in your Hands. Since the Point when i started doing Magic, i nearly always at least mess around with a deck of Cards, doesn't matter if im watching tv, Being on the Computer or doing homework-the Deck will always Be with me. Now since the Internet Magic Community has Grown so much in the couple past Years , that it is pretty easy to share (Youtube) and Talk (forums) about your Magic. Due to Technology it has got much easier to GEt the Magic spred and Technology has also Advanced the Art a Lot. I Hope that this Art will stay Alive and therefore i Hope that the rate of Magic exposure with the help of the Technology is going down. -Olaf177
its pretty simple just a few years earlier E t11 and penguin didnt exist and before them kids would go into magic shops ans have a silly little gimmick pushed on them and to them it would be just another toy. But now you can access a database of the worlds best creative minds with websites like D&D t11 (ect) which turns it from a phase in every childs' life to something truly sustainable and awesome. Not to mention technology is solely responsible for the growth of XCM.
Dec 12, 2010
I had done magic for many years, about since I was 6. However, it was always only props, and cheesy gimmicks and stuff. One summer, I was 10 or 11, I went to Williamsburg, Virginia. I walked into a shop, and met a kid that had cards, and was doing a spring. (Now that I think of it, he reminds me of Matt Richman...) I had been fascinated with coins lately, but loved any magic. He showed me a trick he called "Portal". Later I learned it was the biddle trick, but whatever. Anyway, this was right around 2009, when andthensome was released. I found the buck twins, and have been obsessed ever since. Technology has helped me so much with my magic, with forums. Themagicsession has also been great due to just being able to talk with other people like me. Dan and Dave Buck's on Demands and Theory11 1 on 1s have been great as well, because I can learn so much great material, with a low price because it's all digital, so that's about it. But Technology has definitely influenced my magic greatly.



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Jul 9, 2011
Technology has made magic grow in so many ways. Personally, for me, it has made the art more accessible and has given me the desire to learn as much as I can. Online chats, video conferences, emails, and most recently the online magic conferences made possible by EMC has made the wonder and awe of this art and all the information that comes with it that much more possible to obtain. Because of technology artists can collaborate with other artists that before would be impossible to communicate with.
Jun 6, 2010
Nashville, TN
My love of magic started around 6 years ago. I was at a summer camp and one of the counselors showed me the "21 Card Trick". She showed me how to do it and I was hooked from that moment. I would go to the library to check out magic books whenever I could. (Weird that I somehow knew magic books existed but I never thought about them) Up until I bought my first magic book through eBay, Magic for Dummies. (Don't judge, its a quality book) :)

There are tons of different magic communities and tools online that's helped me collaborate and share ideas with other magicians around the world. One is TMS. It's like one big chatroom that's dedicated to helping magicians become better magicians. Despite any kind of geographical differences, we can all come together there to teach, learn and have fun. Another great tool is the theory11 forums. There are tons of magic websites that have forums but none are as active, helpful, and successful as this one. Here, we can join, as a beginner or a seasoned pro, and all learn something from someone.

And lastly, sharing. I like to share my magic any and everywhere I go. I believe that magic is a gift that keeps on giving, but can never be returned (not like they would want to :) ) One of my favorite online places to share magic and new ideas is YouTube. If we all used youtube as we should, it wouldn't get such a bad reputation for "killing magic". In fact, it could be the best thing that could have ever happened to magic. For example, we can upload live magic, original ideas, and tips for other magicians without really ruining anything for laypeople. So I'd like to thank anyone who is helping the cause to change the meaning of the term, "YouTube Magician"
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