Saturday Night Contest - One Final Cut

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. yeah i know, i might re shoot it
  2. This is the same production taught in the DVD 4 X Four by David Forrest and Big Blind Media. See the production taught in THIS clip.
  3. Thank you for the history on that, however it doesn't look identical, at least not to me.
  4. What looks different about it? Knowing how both work, it looks the exact same to me.
  5. Mine sucks :p I've been doing flourishing about a week, and had to make this quickly, so please, no mean comments.

  6. It does to me...

    But if I were the theory11 crew, I would still count your submission since you weren't aware it was previously created.
  7. I hope they do! I worked hard on it.
  8. Well...

    Made this an edited it quick,well actually i kinda shot it like 5 times so ya a my hands were shaking very much from eating super spicy chicken wings so ya try not to let the quality kill your thoughts and look at mainly the cut...

    Well enough of the excuses...

    Hope you guys like it, Nico.:)
  9. this is very nice for one week.
    But the glide is the name of a card slight, just to let you know
  10. Ok, thanks. I actually got it from that cool new phone from samsung, the glyde. I think it sounds good. Oh well...

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