Saturday Night Contest - One Final Cut

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  1. Haha! Be glad theres a price at all! It's a free deck that's hard to find (atleast for me) :)
  2. Brown Wynns are pretty rare now, and I think it's a great prize.

    I think copperfield_14 has got this one in the bag.
  3. I dont flourish but it never hurts to try.
  4. Yeah umm... we might as well all stop trying after Copperfield14's entry. :(
  5. Lol. Sorry guys but that's not me. when I was offline my cousin went in my room and put that video there. Sorry for the confusion. I'll go edit that post and kick some a**.
  6. Oh, thank God...
  7. How much time is there left? :)
  8. Oh man, youtube takes 7 years to upload a video.
  9. Let me start off by saying I have never flourished in my life! So this was very hard for me. Since I had very little time to create something I might have flashed and it was definatelly choppy. I mixed the flourish with magic. The flourish itself is completely false. so here it is...
  10. The Straight and Narrow Production looks like the first production in Giovanni Principe in the media section
  11. the point is to be fair to everyone. Not everyone has the latest camera or high priced video editing software. Guessing games might not be a display of talent but we have a media section for that. the contests are varied enough that we get a little of everything and it is fair to all.
  12. Now there's some serious competition. How long to go?
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