Saturday Night Contest - One Final Cut

Sep 20, 2007
Let me start off by saying I have never flourished in my life! So this was very hard for me. Since I had very little time to create something I might have flashed and it was definatelly choppy. I mixed the flourish with magic. The flourish itself is completely false. so here it is...
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
I wish that we stoped the guessing games and have more contests like this. Imagine one saturady is a flourish contest another a magic contest. No more child contest like make a spoof or immitate a magician.

the point is to be fair to everyone. Not everyone has the latest camera or high priced video editing software. Guessing games might not be a display of talent but we have a media section for that. the contests are varied enough that we get a little of everything and it is fair to all.
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