Saturday Night Contest - Something Different : Show Us What You Got

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  1. Here is my entry:

    It is a cover of the theory11 opening and "DM9" by Dana Hocking. I thought it would be fitting. I messed up a few times, but I didn't have very much time. I learned the song like an hour before making the video.

    It's the same song that appears in the Motion Trailer.

    By the way, I don't know how to actually play the piano, just guitar. That's why the opening doesn't sound all that great. Also, "DM9" doesn't sound very good without a second guitar and claps in the background.
  2. To bad I completely forgot about the SNC tonight, because I would have loved to do a little something. Oh well I am going to go through this thread and watch some of the videos.


    P.S. This has to be my favorite contest idea to date. Love it.
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  4. Very good, is the drawing actual size? :p
  5. Videos for me are somewhat limited... I have one of me o the practice track the day I got my new bike. I was slow, but you get the idea. Here it is:

    Here are a couple pics that are more recent, just to show my improvement lol.



    Good luck to everyone else! =]
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    I was going to do a juggling routine...the one time it's supposed to doesn't. :(
  7. Seven minutes to go! I hope I can make this!
  8. 4 minutes, when will they announce the winner? at 11 or later?
  9. The winner will be announced promptly at 11:30pm EST.
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    Please accept this, I had no idea how to save it from TokBox to upload it to YouTube and I had no camera so I had to use my webcam on a computer that had no real video recording software :p It's me rockin' out on Guitar Hero!

    EDIT: Damn it, I just saw that you could record videos straight from YouTube. I hate being in a rush :p
  11. Oh lordy this post scared me, I notice jonraiker posted after I update and thought I was late.
  12. Says there's still 30 minutes left to convert. Yikes! I'll accept the entry (since it was started before 11:00pm) - as long as it's up before I post the winner at 11:30pm.
  13. I believe the contest ended at 11, and the winner will be announced at 11:30
  14. I hope someone at t11 is a drummer. So someone will understand the time it took to reach such speeds.
  15. I'm not a drummer, but a few of my friends are, and I tried double pedaling before. To go as fast as you did and keep a steady beat like that takes some serious skill!
  16. lol, now I that I think about it I could have done diabolo. Stupid stupid, nexus oh well I like my art no matter how flawed it is because I tell you what ask me to draw a box 2 years ago and you would get a scribble.
  17. Hello All:

    Quite late but:

    I would like to submit an entry of a friend of mine. Actually 2 friends of mine, Anthony and Thomas.

    They have quite a unique act, that they asked me to submit for them:

    For future reference Anthony's user name is magicmmanamc



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