Saturday Night Contest - Something Different : Show Us What You Got


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Aug 5, 2007
I was planning on doing some double pedal. hopefully my feet are up to it.
Try to keep it down to a couple entries (2) at the most. We're not looking for the best produced video (though that always helps) - just a sampling of some talents that differ from magic and cardistry.

Some freshness, if you will.
To answer some of your questions:

- The talent must be family friendly. ;)
- Your video can showcase multiple talents, so long as all differ from magic and cardistry.
- I suppose older videos would suffice (for those who don't have a camcorder readily available) - but new videos are definitely preferred.

Note that video quality isn't important with this one - as long as we all can see what's going on. Hope this helps!

Again, can it be a slideshow? Because I may like to make a video with some of my drawings and/or photographs.
May 18, 2008
Man, I wish I could enter... I ALMOST filmed my band last night at practice, but I didn't...

What talents do I have...?

None that would convey well really in video...
Well I'm a filmmaker/cinematographer. I'd really love to shoot a quality short film in 2 hours. /sarcasm.

Here are a few of my shorts from not too long ago. Enjoy them!

Dogs on Bikes -

(I had to take on the challenge of writing/directing/acting. It was no easy task but I think the film came out pretty nicely. :) )

Undisputed - Trailer -

(Unfortunately I don't have the full film. But hopefully you'll enjoy the trailer.)

ForJess -

(I made this for a friend a few weeks ago. I'm currently on vacation in Florida and my friend Jess really doesn't like Florida. I wanted to show her that it's a pretty nice place.)

I hope you enjoyed the videos! I'm not sure if I was allowed to submit more than one but I really just hope you guys were entertained! Enjoy them and good luck to the other entrants! :)


P.S. One more of my films just for fun! :) Here


Apr 3, 2008
Buffalo, NY
Good Ol' Yo-Yoing

Here, is my submission, hopefully you guys will forgive me for the very bad quality, I had to make this last minute on the webcam.:) Enjoy, and good luck everybody.

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