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  1. There once was a young man named Jon,
    Whose age is to turn to twenty-one.
    It's magic all day,
    And magic all night.
    Even the French say that he's pretty bon.

    But it doesn't stop there with this rhyme,
    For that would be too short a time.
    So I'm sure you'll agree,
    T11 and E.
    Jon Bayme is simply sublime.

    Two days from now is his day,
    Unless for you right now is Sunday.
    So two hips and two cheers,
    And maybe a few beers.
    For Jonathan Bayme's Birthday!

    I gave up on the cake... I get frustrated with it :mad: So I give you this novelty picture of JB along with the limerick. I won't win but hey at least I opened 4 new decks and now I've gotta clear up the mess. :D


    Enjoy :p

    - Sean
  2. Hahaha,

    That is one of my new favourite videos. You guys are crazy...

  3. Yes, you can use as many decks as you like as long as you do not use exactly seven decks. All entries using exactly seven decks will be immediately disqualified because we will know that you used exactly seven decks because we are that smart.

    No we're not.

  4. ARGH! I guess I can't win now Dana. I used EXACTLY 7 decks of cards. I will not submit mine now because I know I will lose....

    Just kidding. :) I'm not doing this contest because mine would look terrible! But c'mon people, let's see those entries! :D

  5. Hey Doug.

    Just so you know: Terrible will probably win. We count terrible as awesome around here.

  6. SWEET! Im winning then...finally finished posting now!
  7. Happy Birthday. Monday is my birthday also. I am going to celebrate by going to see Aaron Fisher at the Magic Castle in February.
  8. can someone help me with uploading a picture on here?
  9. Well looks like I'm first!

    Let's hope we can keep it that way!


    PS- And while I was making the JB-day cake I decided to make cookies too. Now presenting the first ever JB Gingerbread cookies!

    This one's for you JB!

    PSS- Wow...I just noticed the bags under my eyes...I have had a looooooong day!

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  10. Well here it is


    um it fell apart as i took the picture!!!!! You can kinda see it collapase!

    Well this is one hot cake for one hot not being gay! The models pose your name on your cake and the candles are FLAMING HOT! Jonathon BABE

    Well this is kinda funny as it both mine and Jonathan's bday AND today i bought T11 Digital Dissolve and im making a card cake for Jon...weird but true.

    I would kill for the prize!

    Happy BIRTHDAY JONATHAN from Canada boxing day!!!

    Mi come here fi drink milk, mi noh come here fi count cow....that was Jamacian for continue to do good bussniess! True!

    And PS: All the pictures were taken in Jamacian random tip!

    Lightbulb oh wait Happy BDAY!!!!!
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    Okay, I got it to work.
    Thanks anyway.

    View attachment 440

    That cake took me a long time to make, so JB, enjoy!
    My birthdays on the 27th! Turning 18 YEAHH!


    P.S. Yes I used Mike and Ikes. Are they allowed?
  12. heres me post and my poem!

    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    It's your birthday!
    And here's a cake!

    I can't rhyme....=)


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  13. I have HOT candles!!!!!!!
  14. [​IMG]



    hers my [pictures yeah
  15. That 'Babe Cake' is a work of art man!

  16. YEAH BABY!!!!!
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    With candle/awesome explosion:


    Without candle/awesome explosion:


    I risked my house for that first photo...
  18. Some AWESOME entries so far....I'm putting the finishing touches on mine as we speak...had to run up to the store to get some stuff for tomorrow (racing), and decided to pick up something special to celebrate the occasion! LOL! :p

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