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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dana Hocking, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Okay JB I had things ready for the party at 5 then had to wait till 6 then 7 oh well hopefully you will get here soon before the ladies leave. Have an EXPLOSIVE B-day.

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    Visit these sites for the picture of my GRAND celebration of Jonathan's Birthday! Happy Birthday Jonathan



    -A. Nguyen
  3. ^^What are you talking about?
  4. Heres mine, it took a lot of work to find the supplies ( a LOT of tape and cards)
    and magic almost sucessfully burnt my house down. ( Why do cards have to be so flamable? )


    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Happy Birthday dear Johnny,
    Happy Birthday to...holy crap the cakes on fire! AHHHH Save the Guardians!

    The cake is Chocolate, but it kind of tastes like paper?! :)
  5. 1 hour left! Keep in mind that the pictures have to be visible in your post....not JUST the links. :)

    Good Luck guys!!!
  6. I only know how to put the link, not the photo.
  7. wait did contest end at 11 or is it going to end at 12?
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    The contest is going to end at 12:00am EST, and the winner will be announced on or before 12:30am EST, as stated in Dana's post.
    You can make the picture visible in your post by using the [​IMG] -- to your post would display the image with the said URL. Similarly, you can use the "Insert Image" button -- the button with the cathartic sunset -- and simply insert the URL of the picture to accomplish the same feat.

    In addition, you can display the image as an attachment. This can be accomplished by clicking the [Manage Attachments] button at the bottom of the post composition page, and locating the file that you want to attach from your local hard drive.

  9. Okay this is what i did. I used photobucket. So on the site that had my picture, I went to Properties and copied the address. Then i went to "insert pictures" at the top of your post. Then just paste the copied address onto the box.
  10. Go to and click on the "browse" button. Then find the picture on your computer in the window that pops up, double click it, and hit "Host It!". Then, copy and paste the link for thumbnails for forums on the new page. Good luck!
  11. [​IMG][/IMG]
  12. Taking pictures now....this one was pretty fun!!!

    My favorite was crazy cuts, but this was right up there!!! :D
  13. ok, so here's my cake:

    Pic #1

    Pic #2

    i know i could make the pics visible right here, but since they are big, veeery big, i thought it was better to just post the links.

    as for the cake, it's pretty simple, with the ace and king on top representing the nice blackjack hand of 21 (which also happens to be your birthday if i'm right) and some origami roses i made as decoration.

    i hope you like it jb, happy birthday!

    just a quick note:
    i'm so glad everyones asleep right now, because if someone would catch me making a cake out of playing cards at 5am, i think they would call me retarded.
    damn you est, i always have to stay up late for the snc!!!
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  15. Wow great submissions everyone, Hawk7 yours is awesome, it really looks like a cake, great job.

    Just a quick update, Only 22 minutes left until final submissions should be in.

    Keep it up :)

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    Mine took an hour to make. It's not very good, but I put in a lot of effort. And I used a light bulb!


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