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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dana Hocking, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Wow. Thanx everyone. I'm really surprised. It was A LOT of hard work (yes, RebelAce69, it took me 3 hours. I started the very second I watched the video and ended at like 11:49. HAHAHA). Thanx to everyone for the congratulations and to Jon. Everyone did an awesome job!
  2. Awesome job to everyone especially FatalAce! Enjoy your uncut sheet of Guardians and possible other prizes that may or may not be sent out!:rolleyes:

    I still don't know if the official Theory 11 weight lifting set will include the Wayne Houchin Yoga 3 DVD Box set. If someone could be back to me on that, that would be great! ;)

    yes people I was joking.... please don't take the above comment seriously.... anyway awesome job and congratulations FatalAce! :D

  3. Where to submit my Saturday Night Contest Entry?

    I am in the midst of making a "Card Cake" for the saturday night contest, but where should i submit it? I have just used most of a deck of Guardians, so i think i should get a chance of winning. All help appreciated!

  4. Sorry dude....submissions had to be in before midnight last night.....hence the "Saturday NIGHT contest"....

    By now the winner is already announced. They usually announce it at 11:30, but since there was a bit of a mess up last night, they extended the deadline to midnight.

    You submit your entry as part of the original Saturday Night Contest thread.

    Again, sorry, but good luck next week.
  5. Yes this is past the deadline, but this was actually the FIRST submission last night. For some odd reason it was deleted, and I only noticed at 11:55 (wasn't home until then)

    So here's my birthday poem :)

    Oh there was a young man
    named Jonathan Bayme
    Who's birthday's on Monday
    according to Wayne

    How old will he be?
    he dare not tell a soul
    But the party will rock
    like the one for control.

    January 28
    is his special day
    Happy birthday to you
    Hip Hip Hooray!

    My birthday's next week
    on Sunday to be exact
    So from one Aquarius to another
    grab a dink and relax.

    Happy EARLY Birthday Jonathan

    (P.S. The second last line, should say grab a DRINK and relax. ..... it was a typo)


    I am so annoyed. I just wasted a whole deck of guardians, a whole bunch of ingrediance and a whole thing of icing for NOTHING?!?!?!?! I REALLY hate living in the UK, because we have different times and, seeing as i am only 12, have to go to bed early, so i don't get to see what happens over night!
  7. No offense but I wonder what people were thinking when in some of the cakes it looks like there advertizing Elusionist, a competitor of t11, in there cakes while tring to win a contest.
  8. Well anyway, here is my entry. I owe JB for something he did for me a while back. JB, I Salute You!

  9. That's why I used regular bikes in mine. Didn't want to advertise to E.
    I didn't want to mess up my guardians either. :D
  10. OOOOH. Its too late now dude. Why did you use guardians?
  11. Coz i can afford to spare them. I have got 10 decks of them now, so i have a lt left
  12. Sorry dude. :( Look up the time conversions from your timezone to EST. See what the time difference is. Maybe it's during the day for you, so if you happen to be home maybe you can participate from now on. :)

  13. I do happen to be at home at the time. Asleep. Its 4:00 in the moring for me, so i will never be able to do it :(
  14. Don't be sad I missed it too. But I'm in the US, and I had my friends over til midnight, so yeah.
  15. Sorry to hear that. :( I'm sure you are not the only one with that problem as many members here also live in the UK.

  16. ahh well, it was fun to make anyway!

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