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  1. I tried to make it an attachment but it said the file was to large!
  2. Happy Birthday!

    Gah! 3 hours of HARD work+8 decks of cards+1 role of tape+Lots of paper cuts=Jon Bayme's Birthday cake!!!!! LOL.

    Here is my submission along with a short poem I wrote:

    21, oh how quickly times flies,
    with age one only grows more wise,
    so here, with the best cake I could devise,
    is one incredible birthday surprise.

    Happy Birthday Jon Bayme. Theory11 is one hell of a site. =)

    (BTW, in case you can't read it, the 2 rows of cards at the bottom say: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" "JON BAYME")

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  3. how long do we have to respond to pm if we win [Ie can i go to sleep and respond in morning if I win?
  4. Happy Birthday JB!

    Hope you enjoy your cake, and all the perks that come with being 21.... :p

    Obviously though, the main benefit is being able to purchase alcohol, instead of paying a friend $20 to do it for you....LOL! But, in the picture are a few things that have come in handy for me after a party....I'm sure you know all the ins and outs by now, but it can't hurt to refresh your memory a bit! ;)

    1. Gum (no beer breath)
    2. Old Spice body spray (so ya don't stink from smoke, etc)
    3. Motrin (for those killer headaches)

    Oh...and there's also a beer and a Playboy for ya too. Enjoy!!! :D

    (pic taken from cell phone...sorry about the crappy quality!)

    P.S. Dana never said we had to keep this family friendly....just so ya know! AHAHAHAHA!!!!
  5. weird no candals
  6. What happened to the original thread? My lovely poem is gone :(

    I was submitting that as my entry, but now my time is up. (I left my house to go watch Saw 4 at my sisters....thinking my poem was a valid submission)...


    I'm sad now.
  7. Hahahaha,

    Oh my, that is simply hilarious. Great job Steve, wow.

  8. Thanks Rebel....much appreciated! :)
  9. Hey guys - great job! We are reviewing the submissions & will post a winner by 12:30am EST. We'll see you soon!
  10. Huge slice of cake just for you!!

    Man this was a b!t&# to do! but i had fun.
    start time 8:01pm-11:00pm

  11. I really hope this isn't too late

    I didn't get to finish either...i was going to make a a multi level cake


    I even got a light bulb

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  12. uh oH! uh oH!!!
  13. hahahah nice
  14. Dude, I think you are gonna win.
  15. Wow, wow, wow. In complete sincerity I'm very humbled and blown away to see all of the submissions tonight. All of you did an amazing job, and major props to the one with the light bulb, the one with the Playboy, and the one with the real chocolate frosting on it that posted the video of them lighting it. Even though that last one may have been a fire hazard. I digress.

    Picking a winner was extremely difficult for me tonight, so I consulted with WH and Dana, and we have come to a decision. Tonight's grand prize is the uncut sheet of Bicycle Guardians and maybe possibly there's a chance at a theory11 weight set and Robin Hood DVD that may or may not be signed by the cast of the Golden Girls. Also possibly a Razor Scooter. The winner tonight-- FatalAce. Amazing work. All of them were incredible tonight, and thank you all for participating and for the birthday wishes.

    Be sure to stay tuned to the media section over the coming days especially-- all of our core crew is in town for the Control release and b-day party tomorrow night. Lots of adventures, all of which will be described in detail in video format. In a non-incriminating way-- to protect the guilty that will Dana remain nameless.
  16. good job. I liked it.
  17. Congratulations FatalAce,

    Well deserving, you even said it took you 3 hours? That's dedication.

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    aww man...i spent 2 hours on mine...and it collapsed 2 times

    oh well

    i actually really like fatal ace's...congrats

    p.s. I have a serious problem, i really dont want to destroy mine but its in the way of my bed (wich comes out of the wall)

    p.s.s. can i have the robin hood men in tights...i love that movie
  19. Congratulations FatalAce, you deserve it.
    Happy Birthday JB.
  20. Congrats, FatalAce.

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