Saturday Night Contest - Style Showcase

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Beg pardon? *Canadian ignorance*
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  2. I had no idea the Rarebit deck actually had rabbits on it. Doesn't help that I don't have the deck to look and see, but that's cool!
    I'm in the same boat. Default movie maker for me and just HOPE that you can make everything else line up all right.
    But man, all you guys with Photoshop and Vegas; hate hate haterade from my corner :p
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  3. Sorry that was Obama. I didn't know that you were Canadian. It was in the beginning of the video that Dean Magic posted for this contest.:)
  4. Ah xD I see. Thank you for the clarification :)
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  5. Finally Done!!!
    To Me Playing Cards are more than just accessories for magic or playing. They're my friends...
    Please watch in full screen :)

    Good luck to all!!!
  6. That was absolutely hilarious!
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  7. Veering away from a serious video. Kind of liked the fact that you were playing chess against your cards who won?? Great video overall good luck.
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  8. Haha Thank you!!!
  9. Thanks, you too. Actually I think I was winning the game of chess :)
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  10. Thank you for making me smile like that :) Very clever, and hilarious!
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  11. Thanks!!!
    Good luck to all!
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  12. I think that it's neat that there's now 11 entries and we are on PAGE 4! Ha!

    This weeks contest has been one big 'shootin'-the-breeze' session.

    Less than 3 hours to go and we have quite a diverse array of entries. All magic video, all cardistry, magic AND cardistry, stop motion, springs in the shower, leafy greens, blue filter, rabbits, gold monarchs (show off :p), humor, serious. What hasn't been covered?

    Just expect the judges decision to go into tomorrow. Because of the diverse array, we aren't making it easy--even with a low entry count.
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  13. Had my idea panned out you could have added 'seductive' to the list :p
  14. With the Love Me cards, yikes!

    I get this '50 Shades' vibe from your description...I don't think that's what you had in mind. :p
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  15. Not quite. A little classier than that :p
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  16. Hope I got here in time. The motion graphics at the end almost killed me...and my computer.
    Anyway, I chose the NoMad deck, and went for a short (and hopefully sweet) teaser trailer, hopefully leaving you wanting more...

    Good luck everyone!
  17. Less than hour left! Let's see those submissions people! Good luck everyone!
  18. Very classy, which I love. Makes me want to buy a NoMad deck right now...

    And what is the name of that colour change in the beginning?
  19. Here's my entry. Less magic but more "comedy".

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  20. All rush but really had fun creating this. Goodluck everyone! Did I make it?

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