Saturday Night Contest - The "Art" of Magic

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    Heres my first entry! I hope you guys like it =]


    I should have the other pic up in an hour! (p.s. in case you didn't know its David Blaine lol)

    P.S. this was drawn in about an hour and 15 min!
  2. oh god I hope I can get back to the hotel in time to get this entry submitted!!! Oh please hold out just a bit longer!
  3. These are looking great!! keep em coming!!
  4. So here is my entry guys. I worked for an hour and a half on drawing this (and RE-drawing this) to make it as close to perfect as I can. Art has always been a burning passion for me and it's been what I have resorted to when upset or needed a break from everything.

    While not drawn on some insane canvas or anything, I did use a graphite sketching/shading pencil to do a lot of the details.

    So here is my attempt to draw Gregory Wilson, one of my absolute favorite Magicians (and I'm sorry if anybody else drew him before me). Keep in mind, the first picture is the actual submission image. The second is just a close up so you can see the detail because my lighting was a little weird

    (as a side note, isn't it funny how imageshack makes you feel obligated to create an account because if you register you have the ability to delete an image? Lol "if you don't register your pictures are stuck on the internet FOREVER!")
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    Alright here's my entry.
    The first one is the painting halfway done and the second is the final.

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  6. mydanielgracia.jpg this is daniel gracia~
  7. Guess who...

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    Here is my entry. Good luck to all, I give you eric jones

    Photo on 2010-09-11 at 22.29 #2.jpg

    By the way, i am not much of an artist and this is the first time in a while ive actually picked up a pencil and drew.
  9. In honor of my cousin Syd Segal

    In honor of my cousin Syd Segal, I am here presenting you with a drawing of Syd Segal that I drew in about an hour. Enjoy! DSC00061.jpg DSC00060.jpg DSC00053.jpg DSC00054.jpg DSC00059.jpg DSC00055.jpg DSC00058.jpg DSC00052.jpg
  10. [​IMG]

    here's mine. Lance Burton... i'm not too much of an artist and i did this rather quickly. fun snc though! i enjoyed participating. :]
  11. DSC00020.jpg Here is mine.

    Theory 11 gone international...
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  13. Here is my entry, a digital recreation of the photo from the SPONGE cover.
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    Here's my entry. The video is still uploading to Youtube. Please check back on it, as it should be ready to rock and roll shortly!

    I hope a video submission of a Silhouette drawing is acceptable. Especially one created in a very magical way!
  15. Here is my second and final entry!

    Its a drawing of my ALL time favorite magician... Justin Kredible! =]


    This was drawn in about 50 min

    Enjoy and good luck to everyone else!

    P.S. I filmed myself drawing this one if anyone is interested in seeing that lol
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  17. you are aware that unless they are in before the limit they wont count right?

    and why is everyone giving how long it took. Do you think that should really influence anything?

  18. Aww man, just when i thought i might have a chance. haha.
  19. lol you should still do it!

    @jrobarts05 - I posted how long it took me just because as an artist I figured others might be interested in how long it took me

    @Fritts1223 - thats really good! I knew who it was even before I read the label... great job!

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