Saturday Night Contest - The "Art" of Magic

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  1. Zenn, i already did;) i just posted it, it's Noblezada.
  2. lol jk I sooo knew that haha
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    Here are a couple of pictures Ive done, Im not sure if this is allowed but i kind of edited exsisting ones (since the best thing i can draw is a stick figure)

    The first one is Cardini and the second, is a magician in its purest, Most innocent form! (i.e before your brain gets all twisted and corrupted)


    Good luck to everyone else.

    - Jenai


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  4. haha, think i got a chance?
  5. more entries in this then in the erdnase contest=:/
  6. Just wanted to wish everyone good luck!
  7. Good luck EVERYONE! What an amazing show of talent we have on this forum.
  8. That Wayne houchin picture is awesome.. Too bad, you're late or else I guess you will win..
  9. we going to find out the winner??
  10. This will take some time... As this contest was one that pretty much everyone could relate to, there was a lot of entries...
  11. Far easier to draw a picture than master a move from Erdnase. Also, no camera required for this one.
  12. There were a lot of good ones =] Which were everyone's faves?
  13. What was yours?
  14. Hey Guys!

    It was amazing to see all of these submissions tonight. We had NO idea whether this contest would get 2 submissions or 20 - and we were blown away at the quantity and quality of what you guys created. The winner tonight will receive a deck of the all new, unreleased Erdnase playing cards by my friend Bill Kalush and the Conjuring Arts Research Center. You can see a secret glimpse of the decks in action here and here:

    So, I am pleased to announce that tonight's winner is AceHoudin with his representation of The Bucks! Very nice draftsmanship!

    Honorable mentions go to RHR, for a simple and direct line drawing that I think brilliantly captures Tony Chang; Jroberts05 for a great rendering of myself; Draven, for probably the most creative entry; and deceptioprovarum, for a wonderful albeit late entry. Oh and to Susie for being awesome all around.

    Oh and heres a pic I drew a couple of weeks ago for a new deck:

    Have a good rest of your weekend,
  15. Congrats to the winner!

    lol I guess being an art major didn't pay out in the end tonight xP

    I liked Fritts1223's and I thought thatBao Hoang's was a cute idea
  16. Damnit... That red Bee Erdnase deck looks fugly. No offense, but it better handle pretty well because I think it's ugly. Maybe the blue will look better...

    Congrats AceHoudin!
  17. No Way

    The one competition I had a chance with and I miss it, damn being in the UK. anyway here is what i did this morning in half an hour. well done the winner. final.jpg
  18. Damn I missed it...
    I love these non-magic-skill based SNCs.... Interesting to see what else we magicians can do. haha
    Grats to AceHoudin.

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