Saturday Night Contest - Unnatural : 24 Hours

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  1. DaveyG used a coin I beleive, and chris wheil used spong balls. Thats all I know of.
  2. That's correct, I used a quarter. When I was done with the coin "routine" I pulled out a deck of cards, but I didn't do anything with them.
  3. Loved this contest. As there were so many that entered, we're going to need a bit of time to go through the submissions.

    The winner will be posted in this thread tomorrow morning (Monday) at 11:00am EST. Until then, I'm going to go ahead and close the thread. Thanks again to all who participated!
  4. This was one of the most difficult contests we've had to judge, thus far. So many great entries - including (but obviously not limited to) submissions from Retype.SW and ayli.

    After much review, however, the winner is magicman1040 for his submission HERE. We thought the performance was executed extremely well - and accomplished exactly what the contest was asking. Congrats!

    Thanks again to all who participated. See you next week, guys!
  5. Good job everyone! And congrats magicman1040!
  6. In my opinion, there were much better options out there, magicman was just a copy of ineski video except for the last part....
  7. Congrats everyone
  8. Congrats Magicman it was fun competing anyways I was just sitting back and enjoying myself. Good job guys!

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