Saturday Night Contest - Unnatural : 24 Hours

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Jul 11, 2009.

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  2. You're the third person to submit an entry with Studs! (Tally-Ho and Me also)
  3. Their cheap and SWEET!!!!!! I love Studs I'll never give 'em up!:D
  4. Here's my submission. I actually got a spectator to make sure they saw nothing. No stooge, no scripting, just pure nothingness.

    Slights used:
    Undercover Switch
    Top Change
  5. how much time left?
  6. Till 11 PM EST
  7. About Four Hours I Think
  8. Well, here is my submission :)

    I think I flashed a bit ;)

    The sleights used (in order) are:

    Convincing control, DL, Gravity half pass (twice) , convincing control, classic pass, convincing control (yet again) and the clipshift.

    BTW, any criticism is welcome.
  9. So let me get this straight. The videos I made are wrong because they accomplish something? You want us to use mechanics that don't change anything? I'm having a hard time understanding the reasoning here maybe you can make it clearer for me Jon. I've never done anything for no reason.
  10. If you look at the video Unnatural by Ineski, it looks like all he does is put down the card, pick it up, and flip it over, when he actually is doing many different sleights to affect the card. This is basically what we are doing, looking like we are doing something simple (like picking up a card and putting it down) but doing many secret sleights in the process.
  11. I watched the conclusion of the video and he magically makes the card jump to the front of the mat or or am I missing something? Looks like hes doing magic to me with the same card. Someones gotta hear me on this one.
  12. i know what you're thinking. the pint of the contest is to make it look like nothing has ever happened.
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    Sadly, a lot of people think they know the meaning of the video, but they don't, (im not talking about you shane) the thing here, and the point that ineski is trying to porve, is that a lot of us use a lot of unnecesary sleights, take the clipshift for example, a lot of us like the move so much that we focus our routines around that move, trying to incorporate it a lot of times, just because we like it.

    Most of you guys are not getting the main idea here, of course, we are magicians, we recognise the moves, the sleights that ineski does in the video, but what about a laymen? if a laymen sees the vid made by ineski He would have said:" magical? he is just taking a card, putting it in the table and turning it over" ( the top shot combined with the lapping are supposed to give the ilusion of turning over the card"

    Ineski video was kinda like irony, watch the video again guys, he filled this video with sleights while doing ABSOLUTELY no magic at all, but the main point in here is that most of us do that nowadays, we fill our routines with unnecesary sleights and that kinda throws the audience off or just confuses them a bit.

    I hope that cleared things a bit. :)
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    Hi guys,

    Just to clarify, the video you submit must contain sleights or moves that have some affect on the cards or objects themselves, but go unnoticed to a spectator. There is also a minimum of 3 sleights per video.

    Hope that clears things up.

    Also my submission:


  15. i actually jus got home from a trip and read this thread, happy ill be able to participate but i had no clue what we were really supposed to do so thnx for clearnin this up alot.


    Look foward to seeing submissions
  16. I thought it had to have at least three sleights, not just 3 sleights.

    I also like your video, I had no clue there were even sleights involved.
  17. I never read that there were a sleight limit there, are you sure monkey?

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