Saturday Night Contest - Unnatural : 24 Hours

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  1. Here's mine:

    Ignore my mouldy thumb. It's a burn that happened three weeks ago and hasn't healed up yet. Shouldn't really have played with cards seeing as it bleeds like hell if you bend it. Oh well.

    Hope you enjoy!
  2. No, don't worry. I changed it so it would look cleaner from that angle. Watch where my hand comes from. The angle pushes the card so there are not angles on that side. It's also why there is no flash on the palm.
  3. Aight, here is mine, I show it twice, just incase some of you dont know what is going on.
    Its using only 2.
  4. That still doesnt even resemble a macmillan. I think you are doing what you think is one, but isnt. or like other posts say, not doing anything at all. Starting at the erdanase
  5. Due to several complaints, I have deleted the video. I will re-film it later.
  6. To clarify, the contest is simply an exercise in brainstorming and creativity. The goal is to come up with a routine that, to a laymen, accomplishes nothing - but to a magician, it should be obvious that there's much more going on (as in the original Unnatural video). Another example is Penn and Teller's "Looks Simple" routine:

    Just a fun little contest to get your juices flowing - and keep your chops on point. Nothing more, nothing less. Keep the submissions coming guys!
  7. Couple comments on the video and I want to address them here to the forum.

    The point of the snc was to do something that too a spectator doesn't look like anything. To a spectator it would simply look like I am showing three duplicate cards and discarding two of them. You as magicians know that is not the case.

    So in my eyes this is achieving the goal that the SNC set out too accomplish, correct me if I am wrong before it is to late.
  8. Correct. Too many of us are thinking as magicians, at the moment - so I can understand where a line might get blurred. Rest assured, your video definitely falls under the proper guidelines.

    To a spectator, you were showing three duplicate Ace of Spades - and then discarded each of them. Although a few sleights were used, no 'magical' effect took place. Make sense, guys?
  9. Do I still have time to upload mine?
  10. yeah, you have about 10 more hours. also, chat.
  11. The palm replacement could do with a little more work ;)

    And great song choice!

  12. Colplay rocks my socks..

    Just a quick note, I dont mean to sound like a P*** but most of the subs just dissapointed me, I was actually expecting more, either the videos have bad quality, or they are just Ineski half copies.

    So far the best ones I have seen are:

    Nexus,Retype and Im looking forward to tally's sub.

    So yeah.
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    Here's something I just shot on a whim. It says it will be ready in about 30 minutes I used no editing just one shot nothing fancy made just for the spirit of the contest.

    I realized I actually accomplished something but enjoy anyway I posted a few pages down my actual submission.

  14. Yeah, i probably will not do anything with it :)

    It works for me if i use it, and i dont really use it cause i only do Mentalism now.

    But thanks, the song didnt really go with the stuff i did but its just an awesome song :)


  15. We will see in 25 minutes :)


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