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  1. Or even just one trick, sometime simple that everyone knows or could learn quickly (possibly something with a free tutorial to view) and then give everyone a few hours (or a whole day) to come up with an awesome presentation.
  2. i like it!
  3. The only problem with that is that custom decks are massively expensive to produce. I don't know if that would be practical.
  4. hello,im new here!im glad to be here.
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    I like the create a card idea only I don't think having it being printed by the thousands should be the prize. Maybe just have it so the prize is one or two decks of your design printed. I also like the create or design a shirt relating to magic idea.
  6. wew.. its mean we will got our ouwn custom deck?
    awesome.. still on my fantasy .. I hope someday it will
  7. In my opinion this is the best place for you guys who like custom card decks to go:
  8. Deck review competition :D
  9. I think we should have a contest for best card control or best effect using an object like a phone, credit card, playing card case , rubberbands, straws and etc
  10. hello,cool forum.
  11. somewat interestin

    1. how about a video contest showing off how you took a routine or trick from T11 and "made it your own"

    IE for example i like the "iskabble sandwich" but i changed a few things in the handling to make it more natural, as well as changed the final production to better suite my style.
    I dunno if its been done, but i think what makes the tricks/routines on this site so much better than others is that everyone on here is constantly building, modifying, changing and i think itd be interesting to see how ppl applied dresscode or if someone figured out the better way to do "pressure"

    2. now for the mago only audience, the how showcasing your longest routine with the most logical effects?

    IE like using Dan and daves " portal" then immediately routining "card to mouth" (anyones version) then chaining that effect to something else.... not neccessarly an uber long ambitious routine, but maybe a few of those, mixed with a transpo and a color change here and there. I think itd be interesting.

    Every time i see someone do a trick on the street, or even most of the videos, its always pretty much the same thing straight off a dvd. If magic is an "art" why is everyone doing the same stuufff?
  12. I think you're right about the art thing, but I don't think doing a video with the longest routine is a good idea. I literally could make a routine on the fly that actually has a story behind it that could last for hours granted it might not be the best story in the world. Just think about how long a person could make a routine if they were given the time to do it. Maybe a contest where the routine has to be at least a certain amount of length but could be longer would be better?
  13. you guys are doing an awesome job
  14. Next SNC

    Just got a new dslr, so a contest involving photography would be a great next snc.

  15. Man, you just made my day, seriously. :D
  16. I really like the artistic contests - it allows EVERYBODY to participate.
  17. Thats right. Even for people who can't do a good performance, because the don't speak english very well.
  18. I think a good contest would be best joke having to do with magic!
  19. How bout magic in another language? Magic is dubbed to be a universal language. So why not?
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