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  1. Best flourishing sequence with a single card.
  2. What about best original trick involving the card box
  3. Art

    A creative photo contest tonight would be cool.
  4. Best non-magic talent incorporated into a magic effect.
  5. I think...I work Saturday nights and never see the contests.

    With that said, I think an exercise in writing a short essay might be helpful. Give a somewhat broad topic and let people pick parts of the topic to discuss in their own essays. Have the T11 staff and moderators read and critique the essays and give the top 3 prizes maybe. Have a minimum word count (750 or so) and give the topic out a week in advance (at the end of whatever contest you're having) so people can think about it and write a well-thought out essay over the course of a while.

    Possible Topics: Presenting Magic. What is Magic? Why are you a Magician? What amazes you outside of magic?

    Or anything else you can think of. Just make it something that can be approached by at least two sides and see where it goes.
  6. I thought about this one today:

    What about the best and most creative flourish...with anything EXCEPT for cards or coins
  7. i thing i am learn to this trick
  8. How about creating a magic trick where the effect is great, but the props are inherently funny to begin with. Maybe a vanish and reproduction of a rubber chicken or instead of a deck of cards that are all different you're using blank index cards for an ambitious sequence.

    Funny props, real magic, lost of imagination...
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    They did do something similar once but that was a long time ago. Although it would be fun to do another 'Objectry challenge' sometime.

    - Jenai
  10. How about you make a picture and we have to post how many "11" are in it?
  11. Holiday themed magic trick. It can be any winter holiday (I'm sure there are a few people who don't celebrate christmas on the boards) and can be done with any objects (cards, coins, everyday objects...) but has to have some connection with the holidays.

    Judged based on creativity (presentation and trick wise) and execution (a clever trick performed poorly is still a poorly performed trick...)

    Maybe give overnight to do it, post it Saturday and have the videos due Sunday.
  12. I believe they've actually done this a few times.
  13. A four of a kind production or trick. Anything with a four of a kind. It doesn't have to be original.
  14. i belive theory11 should have another flourish contest just make up a neat flourish that has a small display in it some where and perfect it and film it
  15. i think it should be ''best display of misdirection on tape''.
  16. I think it should be "the best original card tick using clipshift" that would be very cool
  17. an effect that utilizes something from theory11 that isn't a trick. (the effect must use something from theory11 that is found somewhere other than the "Magic Tricks" section of the website)
  18. I think we should do a SNC based around presentation. Inspired off of Derren Brown's Enigma, I think we should have a list of possible basic tricks or plots to select one from, and from that one create our own presentation or spin on it. Just saying...
  19. Just glad to be here. Thanks T11 support!
  20. hello,its nice to hear that saturday night contest is implemented in this topic.

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