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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. I like that idea. Convey a theme or message without words or music
  2. Hmm for easter weekend you could do a live Ambitious card routine. Where the card rises (again) to the top. ha ha sorry. Super cheese. ;)

    Or best Gospel trick?
  3. hmm a snc, to do with eggs :p
    I have a malini egg bag I have been saving for a while.
  4. The prize should be S&M v4 tonight!
  5. :)best spoof of your favorite magician. just for fun.haha
  6. Yes, I like the idea of a new card concept perhaps a simple way of switching a card in the action of nothing more then natural.
  7. Another Concept...

    Well there is the whole battling section....why not do a ridiculous showdown type thing and the top whatever winners get prizes in ascending order...

    I.E. 8th gets some tallys
    7th gets some propagandas or centurions etc
    6th gets erdnase bees
    5th gets a one on one and 2 decks of choice
    4th gets 2 one on ones and 2 decks of choice
    3rd gets 3 one on ones and 2 decks of choice
    2nd gets a trick of choice
    1st gets a trick of choice and a free live session with an artist of choice (most likely the artist who developed the trick)

    Top 4 also get a chance to submit an idea/video to Theory11 as per a trick and are welcome to compile their stuff together on a dvd.
    Moderators and "Artists" (As per theory11) Judge and the winners go through like that.
  8. Submitting a trick isn't a good prize as it's available to everyone anyway.
  9. id like to perform

    your contest shouldnt be anything over devaloped it should just be deiffrent kind of performance everyweek with a little twist to it

    like performing for someone but getting them to tip you on film or somen

    something that benifits the performer, and the best vid gets a diffrent prize every week
  10. how about an cardistry contest? maybe create your own one handed cut or something...
    or the idea with the card tower.. but to proof that its not glued the person makes an video and in the end he destroys the tower by.... blowing on it or something...
  11. hmmm

    Bring on the sleight of hand, I challenge everyone here!
  12. I like this idea... not sure if it has been done since this was posted but I'm all for it!


  13. Can we have a cardistry one?!?!?!?:confused:
  14. I haven't read the whole thread so this may have already been suggested, but would it be possible to make it easier for people to enter who live in different countries? Only it is a bit exclusive at the moment. Perhaps have one that's on another night of the week, but so that it falls in the early hours of the morning in America and a relatively sensible hour here in England. Better still would be if you could have it on Saturday night as well but with some sort of filtering system on which country each person's profile is set to. I don't know enough about internet connections etc to know how it would best be done, but if we could have one in england too, that'd be great...
  15. Or have longer ones, starting Saturday night and ending 24 hours later on Sunday. This would give people all round the world a chance to get involved too.
  16. Best magic trick which incorporates cardistry.
  17. Find a creative way to mix an art, hobby, or practice that you already do with magic into a routine, performance, effect, etc.
  18. Coin magic

    We should have a coin magic contest. Coin magic is very important to the art of magic, it shows that we can use everyday objects and not just cards.
  19. I would like to see a round table discussion with Jonathan Bayme. It's been a while since we've had one, and it would be nice to get to know the CEO of one of the greatest magic sites today.
  20. I think you should have a contest to see who could create the best trailer for bicycle cards.

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