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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Maybe an own-uniquely created display? Completley orginal display......o_O
  2. Card Throw

    SNC for the furthest card throw or the most cards thrown into a hat.
  3. another photography contest! :p

  4. The next SNC should be the best Haunted Deck in honor of the holiday.

  5. agreed. (I can post in less then 10 characters because im awesome)
  6. maybe an Origami contest. because it is a beautiful thing to make something out of nothing. much like our magic.
  7. or a song singing contest or something. make it 2 days or w/e
  8. I would like another Live Performance contest.
  9. I fully agree that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!
  10. Maybe something along the lines of a 'Caricature Contest' with your favorite artist.
  11. could do another caption contest. but then thats goin back.
    maybe a contest featuring magic other than cards. like coins. or something
  12. In light of the latest snc (creativity with objects), I was thinking it would be cool to have a snc where the objective would be to refine a routine from a previous snc entry. Perhaps even to the point where it is performed for spectators
  13. Give everyone 6 hours to create an effect with 3 or so random objects and then have them submit their videos to Theory11 for judging. The one with the best effect wins an un-released effect from one of the best creators of all time, DG!

    Hope this actually becomes reality,

  14. Wasn't there a SNC already like this, a few weeks ago?
  15. I'd love to see a photography one
  16. yeah im pretty keen for another photography contest. since its the only one i can do cause i dont have a video camera :p

  17. That would be sweet...
  18. Here is my suggestion :)

    Use of magic in Daily Life

    What if you really had Supernatural powers? You wouldnt be changing a 7 of Spades into a 10 of Diamonds would you? I know I wouldn't.Id use my "magical powers" to improve my lifestyle,make it easier & better.

    So I think the next SNC should be coming up with a video that shows how you would use magic to improve your lifestyle.
  19. I have an idea for a contest. How about you guys give us like 2 weeks or so to write an original short story about magic. It has to have a dominant magic theme and anybody can join. Of course we would need 2 weeks or so to do this but it would give you guys more time to think about stuff or work on any new projects. Plus it would be very interesting and would offer a great creative stretch for many people. A lot of people claim themselves to be uncreative or bad at writing, but anybody can use that to their advantage because there are no set-in-stone rules for writing. Anything can be broken and you put more of yourself into the story when you do. Just something to think of. That should definitely be interesting. Maybe a DVD shipped on the house or a chance for the story to be reviewed/published by a major author could be given as a prize. Hope you consider :)

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