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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Is there a problem with performing half naked? I do it all the time, makes my spectators feel comfortable around me.

  2. Id have to agree with you, actually getting people to be half naked is my goal on street. I dont wear a shirt why should they.

    Did you know that i mainly preform for girls!? :)

    *joke* *just in case :) *

  3. write a limerick, or better yet a hiku . thats my idea.

    danny garcia
    how you make all of us laugh
    garcia ninja

    idk. just a quick write up
  4. Video contests! Please Oh Please!
  5. I hope it is a 2 day contest.... I am performing tonight and I hate missing the SNC's...
  6. I wouldn't have a problem with a week-long challenge! I can only perform street magic on Thursdays.
  7. wow im pumped my idea was used. no credit givin

    that makes me real sad
    they used my idea tonight
    i can try next week
  8. In the spirit of Danny Garcia, I think it'd be interesting to do a card trick without cards. It could use illustrations, speech, whatever. It'd be cool to see what people come up with.

  9. best eguene burger impression.

    or better yet. another talent other than magic. we always see magic trick and what not. how about a tallent other than magic. or a showcase or w/e. a talent show
  10. but give like 2 days to do it
  11. actually i like that idea...
  12. Me too. Awesome idea, I hope that is our next SNC.
  13. Here's what should happen. Give the web-cam performers a chance to show what they got. An SNC on best not live trick aka Web-cam performance. Then the following week a Live SNC. For best Live effect. Here is the catch. It has to be something original you created.
  14. roundtable with apollo robbins
  15. Longest dribble

    how about to celebrate all this hype over the anaconda dribble we have a contest on the longest dribble
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    I think we should have the most original coin trick and the prize should be Super Fly by Chris Kenner
  17. i think

    that the upcoming saturday night should be something different than cards for a change. maybe you could do the best made up coin vanish.
  18. convincing?

    there are a lot of moves out there that magicians use simply as a convincer, everything from dribbling a deck to a 2 card pirouette flourish. These small moves can either be what sells a trick to an audience or what creates suspicion. I think the saturday night contest should be a video of a trick that utilizes 2-3 different convincers that make the performance better not worse.
  19. I think we should have a contest on designing a new theory11 logo
  20. A photo of a deck of cards in the coolest location. Ex. next to a bear or something. :D

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