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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. I think the next SNC should be a challenge. The past ones have just been time consuming ideas.

    I think we should have to come up with a piece of magic that fits certain requirements. Or an original card/coin plot.

  2. i think tht theory 11 should have a fire contest use fire and a magic routine cause i am apyro and i love card and fire magic
  3. One that includes NO card tricks, maybe one on old classics like Cups and balls and Miser's dream type effects.
  4. Live performance part 2?
  5. Daniel Madison would win he would throw a card through everyones heads
  6. I think a cool idea for a Saturday Night Contest would be the best advertising video for NORMAL bicycle cards.
  7. heres an idea...for the prizes... how about giving away some gift certificates?
  8. I enjoy reading about the SNC. I myself have not yet entered one, though that will change this week with the announcement of the Magic-Con contest. I think it's cool to see how each person that enters the contests has their own unique style of whatever it is that they are doing, be it performing a trick or telling a story or even editing a picture. It truly shows how special magic is, and how people take it and make it their own.

    Side note: i saw this and thought it was funny...

  9. how about a live performance of you performing your fav Pk or mentalism trick
  10. Everyone should submit a video of a recent performance utilizing the same fundamental move or technique in magic, the best performance wins the contest.
  11. i think there should be a saturday night contest, and a sunday night roundtable. no prize for the roundtable, unless you guys want to.
  12. Double Lift

    I would suggest a contest that revolves around the double lift. The best double lift or how many variations of the double lift can you do?

  13. SNC Suggestion

    Hey JB I've got an idea for you.

    Why not have a SNC challenge based on who can create the best/ funniest/ or most original magic reveal/ tutorial spoof video. Inspired from the recent Harbor change exposed thread? You yourself said that such videos might be the best discouragement to internet exposure, and it's something I think people here could have fun with.

    Just my two cents though.
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    Oh boy. I can only imagine all the David J. Castle spoofs that will come out of this.
  15. Live performance (round 2)
  16. Agreed :)

    Although ZMagic would win....
  17. Best new card concept.


  18. I didn't win round 1, so there are a lot of people who are better. I think I just post more.
  19. Magic Beyond Words

    Here's a SNC idea for you.

    Magic is universal. Magic transcends language barriers. People understand entertainment, and can be moved powerfully by the images that they see, regardless of race, nationality, creed, or language.

    Use magic to create a presentation that is either a single effect or full routine that does not involve any spoken words at all.

    The message, and effect, must be clearly understood without relying on spoken dialog.
  20. I've actually been playing with that thought for sometime now. I think it's really important to know how to convey what you're thinking without saying anything in your performance. People say that patter is important, but sometimes, it isn't. A thread in of itself.

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