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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. I haven't read through this thread to see if this idea was already posted (36 pages!), but here's one:

    A routine of completely false flourishes that YOU have made, which must be between 30 seconds and one minute.

    A time to showcase your originality and ninja skills, all-in-one.
  2. Something with coins. I always see things with cards here :/
  3. I think we should do a SNC in a different way.

    To do an effect that looks real but is really just a trick. Geek magic being an example however not limited to only geek magic.
    It can be even as picking up something extremely heavy which otherwise would seem almost impossible to do. idk. I like SNCs that are out of the box ideas. :)
  4. In honor of having colorblind, make the person divine whether a card is red or black without seeing it. Hm??



    Coin magic is something that shows that a magician is not just a card person. It is good to have a variety of magic to sample from and perform. If someone just sees card tricks they will become bored easily compared to a set of card AND coin tricks. One of the next Saturday Night Contests should be with coins, from the most basic to advanced routines.


    Magic is a performance art. Without some form of performance or patter you cannot be professional easily. One of the next Saturday Night Contests should be a performance contest. They could be any form of magic whatsoever but have patter and performance skill required. You don't need an audience, you need good patter and you need to be comfortable and be yourself.

    Thank you Theory 11, the SNCs are amazing.
  6. I second that. COIN MAGIC :D too many cards here :p
  7. I would like to do an ACTUAL MAGIC ONE. No more flourishing... Sorry flourishers, I am a magician.
  8. YES! I like to watch flourishes but i just cant do them... So, yeah! a magic one would be awesome!
  9. 1. Perform a fancy flourish or magic routine... blindfolded.

    2. Take an amazing picture using only the Ace of Spades.

    3. Show something cool you can do with a deck of cards... spinning two cards at once, throwing it with your toes, etc.
  10. All I want to see is people really performing and by that I mean they have a real audience that's not friends or family but complete strangers. Im so tired of seeing magic perform for no one!
  11. if you look on Theory 11 you'll see many trailers for decks of cards but never one for Bicycle cards. My idea is simple: just create a trailer for standard Bicycle playing cards just like the ones for the Theory 11 decks
  12. Do you feel that you should always change up your look after a couple of years?
  13. How about: Take a T11 product, e.g. the Invisible Deck - and create a contest where we have to come up with applications, presentations, and ideas, for said gimmick, sleight, or trick.
  14. I am posting the same thing again. i really think its time to do an actual magic one. Not build a house of cards, not coin rolls, no flourishing, just a legit magic performance one. After all that is kind of the point of a magician. Yes I know there are flourishers out there but the SNC's have been about flourishing or a round table discussion. To put it simple, best magic performance LIVE.
  15. How about us posting a performance of a particular effect with creative patter/presentation?

    The best & most entertaining one wins?
  16. i think there should be a rubber band snc cause their is a few things to do with bands in magic so y nt have a list of set tricks and have them be performed
  17. Maybe one where you have to make something weird looking (not necessarily a trick) but related to magic or using magical items (ex. deck of cards, coins). Similar idea to the AIP bottle with the Sentinels that were just released.
  18. I really like this idea. Winner gets one of those new bottles?
  19. For the next cardistry related contest, How about having a "Most original full deck flourish/flourishing routine" contest.

    What I mean is a routine or just one single flourish using the full deck, you aren't allow to split the deck in any way, so no cuts, fans,springs etc...The deck HAS to stay TOGETHER during the entire routine.

    I think it would be fun.

    - Jenai
  20. Make your own gimmicked trick/non-gimmicked trick.
    The best one wins a deck of split spades.

    The best design for a joker card contest.

    The funniest card trick that makes sense. (your own)

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