Saturday Night Roundtable - Ask Andrei Anything

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  1. What's your favorite deck?
    Do you perform magic?
    Who's your inspiration for card flourishing
  2. interesting ^^
  3. to undu a replay :D sorry im not tryning to spam. im just kind of an old man so i can't figure out how to do it....again...sorry :(
  4. Andrei,

    1.) You are known for cardistry, but you are also a professional producer. How do you find a balance between the two?
    2.) Are your cardistry creations informed by your video production work?
    3.) How often do you create new moves and who do you share them with first?

  5. (for both) What do you want for Christmas?
    (for both) What is T11's role in the magic/cardistry community?
    (for JB) What you have learned on your trips to Copperfield's islands? Can you share more about those trips?
  6. 1. What is it exactly that you do when you are not filming or developing a t11 release?
    2. Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to cardistry?
    3. Why did you chose to go down the route of magic and cardistry?
  7. (JB + AJ) - What are your plans for the future ?
    (JB + AJ) - What do you think about the current cardistry and magic community in the internet ?
    (AJ) - Do you think there'll be day when no more can be invented "flourishing wise" ?
  8. (AJ/JB) 1. Any tips on getting the maximum amount of use for a deck of cards when flourishing before they turn "bad/unusable"?

    (AJ/JB) 2. Is there going to be another addition to the Genesis series anytime soon?

    (AJ) 3. How on earth do you maintain that hair?

  9. Both- How much do the psychological aspects of magic and cardistry affect your creative process?
  10. If you could talk to any magician in history for an hour, who would it be and why?

    What's your take on learning magical history that doesn't directly affect one's performance?

    What is your vision with Theory11? I.e, where do you see Theory11 heading and what position would you like it to have in the magical community.
  11. 1.If given a chance which holiday gift from t11 would you like to win? to you are.......?
    3.Do you still get fallen cards?
  12. 1. Do you believe the skill in cardistry can be entertaining by itself-- or does it need to be supplemented by showmanship and character in the same way magic does?
    2. Whose work do you admire most in magic/cardistry? Why?
    3. What do you think your own flavor of cardistry has contributed to the magic community?
  13. How many hours a day do you put in to practicing cardistry?
    How long did it take for you to become skilled in cardistry?
    What would you probably be doing now if you weren't involved in magic and theory11?
  14. 1. what might the next release with jason england be?
  15. What deck of playing cards do you most use?

    If you could have a unlimited supply of any deck, which deck would it be?

    How would you describe your style of cardistry in one word?
  16. Who would you consider the biggest influence in making you start magic?
    What type of cards are your favorite to work with?
    When do you work best? (Day, night, right after you wake up, etc.)
  17. You've used the phrase "Badass deck". What, exactly, constitutes a "badass deck"?

    (N.B. My other two questions would just be variations of asking about 'badass-ery' within the confines of decks and cardistry.)
  18. Which would you rather eat, a squirrel or a pikachu?
  19. What motivates you to continue practicing when you just kept dropping your cards?
    I know you love Monarchs , do you like Animal Kingdom as much as Monarchs ?
    Will there will anymore Genesis Series Cardistry DVD?
    Best of luck Andrei !
  20. do you have any tips on how to be creative in flourishing?
    How long does he flourish a day?
    And final question did he like the hobbit if hes seen it?
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