Say please Eve.

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by RDChopper, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Awesome then TQuila is the chosen name LOLZ..

    making jackson 5 with 10 tequilas on me , it would be difficult even for the pros
  2. GAVIOTA!!!!!!!
    that was epic...and yes only mexicans get that!!
  3. if you don't believe that I'm better than you then we'll battle :D

    What do you want the battle to be on? The rules...........
  4. I do believe you are better than me.

    You are the saviour of card flourishes after all.

    EDIT:: :D:D:D:D
  5. well i can't believe a "pro" like you challenging someone starts practicing flourishes again. why not brian tudor or andrei? :confused:

    the flares at :33 was awesome. you got nice flow
  6. Wow...pure ignorance.....who said I stopped flourishing during my absense on the forums wow.....
  7. He was talking about RDC starting practicing flourishes again, not you. I'll now refer to your "pure ignorance" quote.

    And don't challenge people to try and prove you're better than them, because if you truly are you shouldn't care, and it really won't prove anything anyway. Grudges do nothing to help you, or anyone else.
  8. MLB got owned. By his own post. Again.
  9. you guys don't understand his post. First he talks about me and then he specifically says to RDC
    "@ RDC your flares are greath"

    So he was first talking about me......hence why he quoted my post

  10. For your own sake re-read the post again.
  11. Hey RD,

    I dont normally like seeing B4 Slow- But you performed it quite nicely. I liked your finisher for it too, That's a nice touch.

    Love that Super TCCSA (Sp?) as well. That's very cool :) There was also one cut which resembles stone from Madison's Dangerous. Also, very cool.

    Liked it overall really. Nice job.

  12. Oh yeah, to actually comment on your video:
    The first think I saw, was you go from a werm to the b4, and I flipped! xD Then I just realized it was a film cut, but still awesome none the less! :p I liked your flow of everything, and it was all well performed. As always your pass was way too good and makes me want to hurt you and make you give me your magical powers. :p (obviously joking)

    I really liked it, good job man! :D
  13. Actually thats the way I do it, and if you think about it, it is not that hard to hit the transition, bu I did it kinda sloppy so I had to cut there :p.

    Thanks for the comments so far guys :D
  14. Thats all I do that every weekend at a party.:p

    Just playing around.......or I'm I;)

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