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  1. I would like to know what kind of tricks you think would impact or be good for a 7th grade croud or any crowd

    ( I already know ACR)

    Only one of my freinds knows i do magic...

    I plan on showing the kids a few tricks...

    Tips are also appreciated:)

    Thanks, cbols23
  2. Well, ACR is always good, especially since you already know it. Any kind of transpo is good. 2 card monte works very well because it happens on the specs hands. As for advise? I would say keep your tricks simple and visual. Remember all levels of your audience, by that I mean remember people who are sitting, behind you or anywhere watching you, you have to perform in such a way that everyone can see what you are doing, yet still being careful of your angles. Lastly, try to have fun, be yourself and respect your audience. There is a big difference between "that cool kid that astonished us" and "that one punk that was showing off the other day"


    PS I wonder how many seven graders would say "astonish"
  3. Do Subway by Dan and Dave because laymen don't know what culling is. They also like sandwich effects like Subway and Peanut Butter and Jelly and stuff like that. Let the spectator shuffle the deck as often as possible. Don't just involve 2 or 3 people - get the whole crowd involved.
  4. Hmm at school I perform
    *Card Switches / Changes
    *Invisable Deck
    *Coin Magic (I would if I could)

    Some other things I would like to say, after you become known as the school magician, you have people coming up to you all the time asking to see a trick, and after a while, what happens when you run out of new things? Ive got this problem, its not like on the street, where you meet a new person every day, your with these people all the time, and also, it you mess up on the street, its no big deal, but if you do at school its another story.

    Cheers, Tom
    1. ACR
    2. 2CM
    3. Stigmata
    4. Revolution
    5. Color Changes
  5. I strongly recommend Stigmata - guys at my school FREAK when they see that.
    Stuff that happens in the spectators hands is great too - try Bigger Finish by Jay Sankey. 2CM and the Biddle Trick are nice simple ones, and there are lots of great packet effects that get good reactions.
    If you're going to be surrounded, try not to go with something like Revolution - no matter what Brad Christian says, its a dangerous trick to perform when your specs aren't right in front of you.
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    I perform at school all the time and the one that has the most reactions for me is the last trick I perform and that is red hot mamacita if you don't know what that is use this link
  7. Alright, STS, invisible deck, muscle pass, pen thru dollar trick, disjointed, dime and penny(the impromtu one) rising card deck. Trust me these will make your class mates AMAZED. I was a 7th grader last year.
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    I hope they are "astonished"

    by my magic

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