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  1. I am looking for suggestions on resources (preferably books) for powerful self-working card tricks. Anything from simple effects to stack work. Any advice is much appreciated.
  2. I have found that the best resource for this sort of material is the work of Simon Aronson, and a close runner-up to be Steve Beam.

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  3. I don't have them, but I've heard good things of Scarne on Card Tricks and the Card College Light series. Maybe someone who, you know, actually owns them can weigh in on this.
  4. Karl Fulves has many books on self-working card tricks. I got all mine from Thriftbooks for cheap. Pick up Scarne on Card Tricks at the same time. For videos, John Bannon and Ryan Schlutz have amazing material.
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  5. You've heard correctly.

    My list:

    Scarne on Card Tricks (has the best tricks for the least price)
    Card College Light, Lighter and Lightest (Most powerful and already routined)
    Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (has some really good self-working material but its best use is a resource on gaffed cards and decks)
    Any Karl Fulves Self Working Card Tricks books (Have to work through a lot to find the gems)
    John Bannon's Destination Zero (which I don't think is worth $50)
  6. Thanks, I ordered Scarne on Card Tricks and the Encyclopedia of card tricks. I am planning on getting the card college light series later on. I have also been interested in stack work. Does anyone have resources on stacks specifically. Thanks again.
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  7. Chapter 12 of Encyclopedia of Card Magic covers prearranged packs (there are some effects that use Si Stebbins and Eight Kings stacks but I don't think the stacks are explained) and Chapter 20 covers the Nikola Card System which is a stack.

    This is a great e-book introduction to memorized decks (which is a subset of a stack):
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  8. Juan Tamariz’s has some beautiful automatic tricks in his book Sonata.
  9. That is cruel :).... Sonata is long out of print.
  10. I've read that there's a reprint in the pipeline for a decade or so?
    Maybe now that The Magic Way is finally out they'll be focusing on the reprint of Sonata?
    At least, I'm hoping they're working on it, I would love to get it :)
  11. What about Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz, I heard it great.
  12. The plan was to get Magic Way translated then work on doing an update of Sonata. I haven't heard anything definite or if that is even still the plan.

    Mnemonica is solely devoted to memorized deck work.
  13. Lucky to have this book, Neither Blind Nor Silly is a prime self-working effect. A slight modification can set you up for doing an Out of This World type effect right after. A super solid one-two punch!
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  14. Ooops! Sorry, I forgot that in Italy a local publishing house has recently print/it’s printing some copies of that
  15. I'm a big fan of self-working card tricks. I've written an article that covers some of the best books and videos on the subject:

    Why You Should Try Self-Working Card Tricks and Where To Learn Them

    I think you'll also find these two articles helpful in figuring out which are some of the strongest self-workers out there:
    10 of the Best Self-Working Card Tricks in the World
    10 More of the Best Self-Working Card Tricks in the World

    In my opinion, these would be ten of the best self-working tricks of all time (in no particular order)
    ● Out of This World (Paul Curry)
    ● Gemini Twins (Karl Fulves)
    ● Con Cam Coincidencia (R. Paul Wilson)
    ● Shuffle-Bored (Simon Aronson)
    ● Overkill (Paul Harris)
    ● Devastation (Geoff Williams)
    ● Play It Straight Triumph (John Bannon)
    ● Untouched (Daryl)
    ● Emotional Reaction (Dai Vernon)
    ● Lazy Man's Card Trick (Koran/Lorayne)
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  16. I'm a big fan of self-working card tricks too. Thank you for sharing this very interesting list.
  17. Glad you found it helpful!

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