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  1. How much i would expect from selling a Trick here ?

    Thank you
  2. You set the price a what you think is right. You then get 60% of that from every sale. For example, you sell a trick for $1.00 and 10 people buy it, you will get $6 in profit (you get 60 cents for every dollar). You can ask the people who have sold a ton of effects like @obrienmagic how many will end up selling, and what price is right.
  3. A single trick? There's a chance of nothing, and most likely it won't be very much. I say that because of how the market (in general, not just T11) is for magic tricks.

    A good trick, created by someone who's known in the community, on a platform that is fairly well promoted, can sell a lot of units and potentially make thousands of dollars.

    However, even a good trick, if it's by someone who isn't that well known, and on a platform that isn't very well promoted, most likely won't sell very much.

    The major thing is promotion - the creator has to make sure their stuff is promoted without coming across as someone who only talks about their products.

    It's best, in my opinion, not to worry about how much money you'll make from your first release. Assume the primary function will be to begin establishing a reputation. Which is what I did with Boffo. I made more from my second book, of which I have only sold about 15 copies (purposely), than I did from Boffo, of which I have sold a couple hundred copies.

    Also, downloads have a reasonable shelf life of about 3 months. That's when you'll sell the majority of them, and after that it will taper off sharply.

    I'm not saying this to be discouraging, just being realistic. If you establish yourself as a solid creator with your initial release, you can build from there and start getting more sales when you release subsequent products. That being said, that does rely on quality releases.
  4. Thanks for taking me in this Maaz. ChristopherT has a bunch of solid points. Let me expand on this.

    You want to gauge what you feel your effect is worth. I have sold things as low as 99 cents all the way up to $20 on here. It all depends on the amount of value you offer as well as what your audience is looking for. If you want to sell a single trick or sleight id say about $3-$4 max is all you can reasonably sell it for on here (unless it is a groundbreaking sleight or effect.) If you sell an idea along with a few routines using that idea you can go between $5-$10. anything more than that you better include a ton of content. For example i can get away with selling "Tour de Force" on here for $20 because i am essentially selling you 8 routines plus bonus content. i have seen some single tricks sell on here for a lot more, but it all depends on how you promote it and again, how much value does it have.

    pm me if you have any more questions.
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