Sentinels Review, Part 1

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    I just published my initial review for Sentinels, which can be found here:
    If you have any questions about them, feel free to leave a comment.
  2. Awesome! Glad you dig them! Maybe one day we will release the research that explains the meaning behind every symbol in the deck. For now, it's more fun to leave it up in the air. They feel amazing - I've been using the same deck for about a week and a half now.
  3. Great review!! I've been waiting to see the reviews for these! I can't wait to buy a brick of these!!!
  4. These are almost at my box and I simply can't wait. I have my fair share of ideas about the deck and the symbolism behind it, but I want to try to make a full evaluation.

    Oh man this review has got me so PUMPED. They're in my city and they're almost heeereee!
  5. I'd definitely like to see that sometime, like how you guys intended each symbol to be. Wasn't that what the background of some of the Cerca Trova images were?
  6. I just some Sentinels in my mail today!!!!! They feel amazing and love the design them. One thing that I love is the freaking tuck case!!!! Its soo badass!!! Thank you T11 and I will write review for these beautiful cards in the following days.

    Also got some Tally-ho's!!! Awesome cards will be using them!!!
  7. I don't get it why people are so pumped up over the Sentinals.Sure , they are DEFINITELY a big improvement from other T11 decks but being Q1 isnt nothing new.Tally Ho decks from MJM (which are my primary decks) have always been Q1.I will get some of the Sentinals though because I need a fresh deck.
  8. Bill, there are several reasons.
    For one, many might find the artwork better. There's a new finish which is a combination of plastic-coated and an air-cushion finish, and the deck isn't as thick as the other t11 decks. And the box has shiny metallic inc and is 40% thicker.
    Not to mention they're new. New things are always popular.
  9. I personally didn't like these decks. Sure, they look spiffy and all, but mine don't fan worth crap. Right out of the box, they were amazing!...for like 15 minutes. And then they started sucking at fanning. So I put them back into the box so they could "heal". I came back after about 3 days, and they sucked at fanning right out of the box. Pretty disappointed because they look sick in fans.
  10. Others have told me that they don't fan well, but I see Andrei fanning just fine in the video...

    I don't like the new t11 ad card. It has a border. I liked the other ones because it used to be pure black on both sides, and it may just be a trick of the light because it's got a border, but the black seems lighter..
  11. SG maybe you got a defect deck or fan pretty good maybe you should summit a ticket.
  12. I had the same problem at first. They fan good for 15 minutes, then clump. However, after they've been broken in, they fan excellently.
  13. The Sentinels look great and everything, but out of my brick, seven decks were warped:(
    tried to put them under a couple of heavy books and everything, but to no use:'(

    The ones that were alright were great though.
  14. That sucks! I noticed that during very humid days, the cards do warp worse than the Enterprise. And unfortunately, when cards are being sent overseas, they are subject to a lot of humidity.
  15. Haha. That made me laugh. Anyway, I recently went camping and I bought 2 deck with me. Some bikes, and my week old sentinels. Now the bikes were newer so I decided to play with them. It was about 85 degrees f outside and after about 5 mins, the bikes warped and clumped and felt like crap. So I grabbed the sentinels. And although they had warped a little in the heat, I found that they were still spreading evenly, so I played with them, and they started feeling great. They are a little sticky because they are a week old and have grease on the edges, but they fanned decently for how hot it was outside. And I was still able to one hand top palm, convincing control, and flourish fine. I was so surprised. I used them all weekend in this weather and they are still going strong. In my 4 years of magic, I have never com across a deck of card that can handle this well in heat like that.

    Like I said, they are a little sticky, but I am gonna keep using them until they stop spreading evenly. Week 2, here we come.
  16. Agreed. I take these out in humid weather all the time. Plus, they're always in my pocket. The box has been beat to hell but I still haven't had any problems with fanning or clumping.
  17. I've had the same experience with mine. They just don't seem to fan very good at all. They are beautiful though and I love the symbols in the designs. I've got a Tally Ho viper deck that is very used and still fans like a champ.

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