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  1. Did you guys see his performance on AGT?

    He really does perform beautiful routines. Great to see someone showing a really great performance with amazing effects.. showing how you can take any tricks and using performance, make them really stand out!

    I hope he makes it far in AGT!
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  2. He’s a professional magician, I’ve always thought those shows should be for people who want to become professional entertainers. I too want to see him go far, but I would rather see a “nobody “ get some accolades. Just my opinion.
  3. I hear your point...

    I was just saying how he took the concept of card magic and made it really beautiful. All his acts are like that. Shows importance of performance as opposed to just plain skills and nice tricks. They had Jimmy Ichihana who performed really great tricks, but they all found it really boring and bland.

    They didnt just like Shin for the trick, but for the whole presentation!
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  4. I think Shin is one of the most skilled magicians on the planet. Beautiful visuals.

    But no meaning.

    This was essentially an ACR. A beautiful, well constructed ACR - but none the less. Eye candy.
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  5. He takes a concept, adds his own flare to it, then performs it in such a way that it isnt called card magic. I mean like it uses cards but i dont consider that to be a branch of card magic. And he performs every move with such skill that it comes close to perfection. I personally dont like stage magic, but his take on it is truly remarkable.
  6. I should clarify, because I don't want it to seem like I'm putting him down at all.

    He's extremely good at what he does. It's just that I, personally, don't particularly care for it.
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  7. Eye candy tends to work best on AGT it seems. Look at how popular Will Tsai's audition got.

    I personally find mentalism and mental magic type effects to be much more hard hitting in person but when you do it on TV, people accuse you of prearranging things so it makes sense.
  8. Proper mentalism takes too long for the format of AGT.
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  9. true
  10. I really liked him on it. He could win the whole show. (my opinion)
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