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  1. Artist: Shin Lim
    Title: THiNK
    Cost: $29.95

    Description: You present to the spectator both a deck of cards and a prediction, both of which you will never touch in the performance.
    You tell the spectator to think of a number between 1-52. Once that's done, you then tell her to pick up the deck, and deal down to that number.
    You then tell her to lift up the prediction which has been in her control the entire time.

    Uses no gimmicks, instantly resets, and easy to learn.
    3 Variations

    *I will not be discussing Shin's recent actions, etc*

    Overall Thoughts: This effect is indeed very good. I've never purchased a CAAN effect before, and wanted THiNK to test the waters.
    I will not lie. I really, really, like the effect. I have heard allegations that Shin copied Rus Andrews and Mike Rose.
    I definitely cannot comment on this as I only own THiNK.


    What you get: The THiNK DVD with 2 'somethings' and a PDF.

    Variation 1: I'm going to say right off, don't use this version. I don't want to say more. You have to handle the prediction and I don't like it.

    Variation 2: Here we go. The piece of excellence. This is very good. I do really like this a lot. It is as clean as you see the demo. Every time.
    Now some people may be a LITTLE scared of this when they find out how it's done. Shouldn't be a problem at all. It's really very clever. It DOES require you buy something unless you have it laying around already. It's no big deal at all. The setup doesn't take long and after performing, it's still set up. Instant reset.
    HOWEVER, you cannot repeat with a different card. While Mike Rose has an effect called The Grail, the ultimate holy grail is unobtainable. If you could repeat with a different card, then yeah, it'd be pretty damn close to the ultimate grail. Alas, sacrifices must be made.
    In this case, this variation is enough. It is very good.

    Variation 3: This version allows you to do the effect with different cards. The prediction isn't as clean, but it's better than the handling in Variation 1. It's okay, but I like V2 the best. I may play with this however.

    Difficulty: 0. You never touch the deck.
    Setup: There is some obviously. Not bad at all though.
    Quality: Even though it's in the same setting as his downloads, the quality as not as bad. It's only shot in one angle, but that's all it needs. No moves here as there aren't any. 7/10

    Overall: 7/10

    This is not bad at all. Some people WILL gripe about the setup, which is idiotic. It takes around 30-45 seconds tops and you're set forever.

    Be sure to check for my upcoming reviews of The Miracle ACAAN - Lloyd Barnes, Infinity Deck, Emerald Artifice, and Pure Smoke.

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