Should I get Bobo's Coin Magic Book?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by theory11rocks, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. im thirteen im a card guy i neva used coin but i know the basic like palms frence drop and a few vanishes. so im going to the magic shop soon what coin gimmick or whatnot should i get i know bobo book is the best(so i heard) but what gaffs so pls help i want to get started as soon as possible.:D
  2. What do you want to do with the coins though?
    You want to perform transpo's and old style routines or what?
  3. Better to get the sleights handled before you start buying gimmicks. If you absolutely have to spend your money on a coin gaff, get yourself a coin bite/folding quarter or a Scotch and Soda. They're versatile, easy to use, and are reasonably inexpensive.
  4. I would recommend Bobo to everyone. I have read and practiced each and every sleight, routine, and effect in the book. I believe, like many, that it is the greatest source to anyone wanting to learn any coin magic.

    Hope this helps,
  5. ummm, yes yes and yes
  6. Yes

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  7. Of course you should get one of the best "starting" coin books out there. It's really a great reference tool as well. Sleights that you are going to see in other places are going to be referenced out of this book. The basics are the best place to start. How can you advance if you don"t know where you come from? A thorough course in the classics will better prepare you for the difficult material you are going to want to conquer as you get more versed in magic. As for gaffs, get a [ and a C/S coin. Bobo's has great sections on these coins and they will prove you well in countless other routines.

    All the best,
  8. I would highly recommend Bobo's book I was actually just reading it over again as I saw this thread. It has a lot of great fundamentals which will take practice but it will pay off, believe me. As for right now, try learning coin effects with just regular coins. My coin routine I do daily is a coin transposition routine with one regular half dollar (which are also great for coin magic). Learn simple false transfers and other simple effects, but dont take them for granted. Together simple packs a punch.
    Hope this helps!
  9. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic is a coin worker's bible. Not to mention being very inexpensive for what you get. Get it!!!

  10. Could not have said it better myself! After you have the book and sleights down, I suggest you look into David Roths work. Truly amazing.
  11. Yes, yes, get it already!

    Finally, the coin forums need the life back! No more going AWOL on us coins guys anymore!

    All the best,

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