SICK by Sean Fields

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  1. Yea, the overall effect is awesome but I'm not a fan of the setup. After this is set up it needs to be the very next thing you do. It's very uncomfortable as well. Cool trick... but not practical. At least not for me.
  2. I was just going to ask that question...thank you. I was wondering how bad the set up was and how soon you needed to perform. I think it looks fantastic however I would probably want to use that effect as a closer and you would want to perform all of your other effects first. That could take up to a half hour or so while already being set up.
  3. Sick is a great effect. I would recomend it but remember, there is a time and place for everything. This is not somthing you are going to run around the workplace (or school for the other 75% of the forum members) showing everyone one after another after another.
  4. yeah, I also think this is a great closure, and I think this can make the spectators barf
  5. Why do your audiences need closure...?
    Oh wait, now I got it
  6. this trick doesn't do it for me. Yet it is an illusion, I mean are you trying to amaze your spectators or just tryin to make em barf. If I did this I would lose friends more than gain them because I think it just goes over the line.

    My opinions,

  7. Yeah this is definatley only something you want to try if its in your act. If you're a happy go lucky type performer, pulling this one out the bag would probably get you the wrong kind of reactions, lol. If you're a geek magician with the right persona to pull it off, it's probably dope.
  8. Can the quarter be signed? I know some 'Criss' guy apparently did a similar (if not the exact same) trick on some show. :p
  9. I picked up this effect a few days ago and I can say that so far I love the effect.
    It might not be for everyone, for a number of reasons.

    Yes, the coin can be signed.

    I'll see if I can post a review for it soon, if that will help deciding to purchase the effect.

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