Sishou Deck Design - Need magicians help

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by alvinhy, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Looks pretty good. Only thing I would say is make sure the top half of the deck matches the bottom. It matters in some moves. But It looks like you did a good job at that.

    For a gaff card. There is one with the queen holding a playing card. Or you can put any playing card reveal some where in the deck that might be cool, just a idea.
  2. thanks and yes you are right the deck is a two way back. =)
    here is the latest update of queen hearts
  3. When I said, "Fully customized" I meant even the suits. Not hearts, spades, etc. They had gears, octopi, etc.
  4. ah right i get you. for a 1 deck price I have to charge at 15 because of shipping costs in UK.
    But I guess I will have to see. thanks for your input though
  5. This is the pitfall of trying to do a custom deck yourself. It's expensive. That's why the bigger companies do such large runs, to bring down the price.
  6. I guess but its not all about making money, its the feel of people acknowledging your designs :D
  7. Yes it is :)

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