Sleeping Queens

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  2. I hate gimmicks, so i hate this trick. But it is pretty cool how the eyes moves by itself, and if they weren't lieing that you can feel the eyes moving then it otta be a nice effect. but i still hate gimmicks, they do all the work for you so its not really you doing the magic but an inanimate object.
  3. personally i liked the gum wrapper tricks better than the sleeping queen trick IMO. i dont like dealing with gimmicked cards so much, only once in a while. Pretty cool trick tho.

  4. Do you mean gimmicks or gaffs? Because. . .

    Gaffs don't do all the work for you. They make it possible to perform feats that, quite frankly, cannot be done with normal cards.

    They have their time and place.
  5. I thought they were all stupid on the gum wrapper tricks he had sleeves down to his 2nd knuckles whats up with that and the queens just used simple gaffs and some color changes im not tring to be harsh or anything im not agenced ellusionist im just saying sorry if no one liked my post thats just what i feel and if im exposing anything just tell me and ill close my post down
  6. Nothing special.
  7. It seems like Ellusionist are running out of good effects to sell. There's no way this should be sold by itself.

    I don't know how they can get so much hype out of a gaff and a colour change.

    This isn't worth more than $5, maybe $10 with the bonus tricks.
  8. Doesn't seem appealing to me. This has nothing to do with gaffs or gimmicks. Gaffs still require sleights. Without gimmicks, there would be no Distortion! I just don't see anything special about the affect.
  9. This is not a color change, and it does not use a specially printed card. The eyes slowly open and as they are opening you can show that they are half open. After the eyes are only partially opened you can make the eyes fully open and it is the same card, no color changes the same card that has the closed eyes can be given away for a souvenir. This is a principle that will allow for many new effects not just an animation of the eyes.
  10. The concept is excellent, and the trick itself is decent, but it definitely isn't worth an entire DVD. I've never seen anything similar to this, so I congratulate Dan on coming up with the effect.

    I don't hate gaffs, but I don't use them often, either. What troubles me is you can get it as a Download, which hints you have to make the gaff yourself...

    All in all, this is an excellent idea, but I just don't think it hits hard enough to deserve its own DVD.

    As for the gum tricks, they looked okay. His sleeves definitely looked fishy, though.

  11. I think it could fit in a routine with some others I have. It says not available anymore though.
  12. You can perform the gum effects with no sleeves. I cant reveal the method but the prep. is as easy as putting on a pair of pants. Sorry its the best I could come up with this early. The important thing to realize is that this is not a 1 trick DVD it has 3 unique effects and Sleeping Queen uses a new principle that can be applied to many other routines.
  13. It looked really lame to me, couldn't see the moment the eyes opened because it was such a slight change.

    And wasn't there something just like this(in effect, not method) on Sankey's Hypervisual DVD?
  14. That would be because it hasn't been released yet.

  15. Whilst I don't feel I know enough about it and depending on the price, I may just have to pick this up; it's the kind of magic I can see myself performing and getting some good mileage out of.

    I know method is important, but I find it interesting that it was the first thing that came to mind and was being talked about. Colour Change, Gaff Card, Gimmick etc.

    I'd just like to know how many of you have stopped for just a minute and thought what the effect/product is allowing you to do. Sure it might not be the kind of magic for you, but that's no excuse to say 'oh the method must be this' 'you could do this'.

    Did any of you read PaperCrane's post by the way? I'll quote it for you so you can read it if you missed it:

    Cheers guys,
    - Sean
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    Ha. Boy, dont I feel stupid now.

    I just looked at the link and saw where it said that without checking around. Bad dog.:eek:
  17. I think it is a copy of Jay Sankey's trick on his Hypervisual dvd
  18. It is different, check out the magc cafe to see what dan white said about this effect. Dan White and Dan Hauss are good friends and White helped with the creative process of the effect. I will say just like Dan White does that it is completely different than sankeys's. This uses a really cool new principle that has many more uses than just the ueen effect. I think that people should check the demo on our site it is much better quality and you can see the eyes better.
  19. One thing that troubles me though is on the ad it says:
    # End totally clean
    # Sperctator keeps card

    does end totally clean mean ultra-gaff clean or completely clean? Because I figured if they get to keep the card without the gimmick, and assuming the gimmick doesn't disappear like flow, you would still be in posession of the gimmick.

    I'm excited to see the gum effects tho. I might buy it...
  20. You do end clean there is nothing to hide. Remember this is a new principle to card magic.

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