Sleeping Queens

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  1. I understand that, hence my saying that it has nothing to do with gaffs or gimmicks. As I said, it just wasn't visually appealing to me. Doesn't matter how its done if I don't like how it looks. I'm not saying it's a bad trick either, I just don't like it, visually.

    On another note, I might get it anyway. I might be able to come up with other tricks that use the same techniques. I'm gonna wait for the reviews first.
  2. Yeah thos look awesome, do they require gaffs or gimmicks?
  3. I got the download last night and watch the entire thing.

    Great effects. The Sleeping Queens' secret is so simple. And yes, it delievers. You can apply this technique to a bunch of different ideas.

    I'm going to try this on my friends after the weekend, just as a test and I'll let you guys know how it turns out. But as I said. I'm not going to make the queen fall asleep. I'm going to hypnotize her. :)

    As to the gum tricks, I think I like the unwrapped gum trick better than the re-wrapped one. The unwrapped gum trick is so amazingly causual that you can throw it into the middle of any other trick you're doing and continue on. I can see getting an audience reaction of "Did he do what I think I just saw?". Great for a quick misdirection. :)

    Thanks for the great effect.
  4. NO! Read the entire thread before posting!

    This is why I pointed that out Druix...
  5. a few questions , can the gum tricks be performed with short sleaves , is it a gimmick pack of gum , impromtu ?
  6. the 2 gum effects dont require gimmick you actually make the normal packs of gum a gimmicked pack of gum, which is what I thought was cool when I first saw dan do it. We really down played the 2 bonus effects but they are great.
  7. short sleaves yea ?
  8. ellusionist doesnt deliver to singapore which means i can get the download but no special item .. is it comon and art and carfts store?
  9. They say that you should be able to find it at most craft stores.
  10. Perhaps you could write a review of this after your little experiment? I think it would really help others like me who are still undecided about making the purchase.

    Also, please advise about any wardrobe requirements that the gum tricks may specify.

    Good luck with your Hypnotising The Queen performance =)
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    To be honest, I'm quite dissapointed with this. We were told be papercraneproductions that this uses NO special kinds of ink or color changes, not true. Please don't think I'm revealing I am just helping others not to fall into the same trap I did.

    Misleading to be honest.
  12. Actually if you re-read the quote by PCP you'll see they said it doesn't use Heat-Sensitive Inks//
    I also don't remember having to do any colour changes in the effect to change the card, there is alternative options as well.

    I also edited your post slightly just to avoid any possible exposure.

  13. Very clevery worded.

    Yeah but they are even worse.
  14. Not really. PCP was just responding to a claim.
  15. Yeah, by cleverly wording a sentence.
  16. Did he lie? No?

    Then case closed.
  17. Did I say he lied? No?

    Then case closed.

    And actually, yes he did lie, because it uses a color change.
  18. Whether he lied or not...i dont care.

    I like the effect, and really like both bonus tricks.

    I'll probably do sleeping queen for a while, but then use the method to do different things.

    And for anyone who needs to know.
    A)he's wearing gloves in the video, not long sleeves to his knuckles
    b)I did gum through wrapper short sleeved, and when i do re-wrapped it will be done with a short sleeve t-shirt on...and they're both very simple to perform.
  19. I look more to what people imply. What they say is generally a pretty poor indicator of what they really think.
  20. Reading the posts by PCP I never ONCE see them lieing. If you read their posts and in your mind just kept the fact there's no colour changes or inks then you might have not read their post fully or what posts their replying to(IE Read the post by Druix then the post by PCP, and also the one by Trashmanf). I'm not saying that is what happened but, people make mistakes sometimes and read something incorrectly, I'm not taking a personal stab at your intelligence.

    Here is a quote//
    Never does it say "This effect never at any time will ever require you to use a colour change." So, it is very possible you got the wrong idea.


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