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  1. RA69 I understand what you're saying, and I agree with Steerpike on the phrasing of the ink question, but on the topic of the colour change, I have to say, I took PCP's post as saying no colour changes either - he said "This is not a color change." Which essentially means the method is something other than a colour change. RA69, "This" can reasonably be expected to mean either the method or the effect - hence, "This effect is not a colour change" and from what I understand, neither of which are true. If the method is not a colour change, it stands to reason that there hence is no colour change...

    I can understand the difference in saying there is no heat-sensitive ink and no ink at all - but the difference between those two regarding the colour change is like saying "I did not stab him with a knife" where in reality I first shot him, and then stabbed him. Random analogy, first thing I thought of.
  2. Wow, I havent had time to respond so I will just be very simple in my wording so no one misunderstands my posts.

    The card is not a specially printed card
    The effect does not rely on heat sensitive ink.
    The same card that the eyes are closed is the SAME CARD that the eyes open
    The above line should tell you that the method does not rely on a color change.
    No special clothing is needed, Dan chose that clothing because it fits his own personal clothing style.
    The method is easy and clever and you guys will come up with many applications for the effect.
    And finally what the peple are reacting to is the eyes slowly opening, again not a color change.
  3. Sounds good papercraneproductions - sorry I'm only hypothesising here because I haven't purchased it - my concern was over this line:

    But apparently, there's no colour change, so I'm just a little confused. Is there any reason ElisG might say that? No accusations or anything yeah? Just curious why the above would be said...

    And for what it's worth, I like the effect from what I've seen PCP.
  4. There is no color change required for this effect.
  5. The "Main Phase" may not use a color change, but I stand by my point that this routine uses a color change.
  6. I got my DVD and watched it. I don't think that qualifies as a color change. I would say more, but it would lead to revealing the effect.
  7. I could name the EXACT color change used, but that would be exposure.
  8. send me a pm, I am not saying you are wrong I am just curious what you are seeing and I would be curious about the name. BTW did you enjoy the DVD?
  9. the trick was good but do u no where i could get the gimmick from i dont want to buy it from ellusionist just wondering if the item is available like the same one cuz i bought a similar one but didnt work out tht well
  11. I think the trick is pretty cool.

    definently will try it out before judging its power on the spectator
  12. walmart has them I believe. If not just wait out on the effect until u order from E again.

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