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    Don't pay any notice to him.

    I'm quite interested in this new principle. And, having the card signed is pretty awesome. I was just wondering though, it says the principle can be applied to many things.. like what exactly?
  2. I agree. PaperCrane, can you give exmaples of other things the concept can be used for? It's also a good thing to mention on the product page...
  3. I'm wondering if it could be used to change the index of a card to another.. signed.

    THAT would be amazing.
  4. its funny, im sure if this 'sleeping queens' trick was sold on theory everyone would love it i bet. i hate all this judgement that is being given- and no one has even seen the effect yet.
  5. Judging by the recent controversy surrounding "Death To The Double Undercut" I wouldn't be so sure. Don't be so quick to generalise.
  6. Well, the controversy on Death To the Double Undercut is a whole bunch of crap imo. Who cares if T11 releases 1, just one bad 3 dollar product. Well, I am extremely excited for Sleeping Queens and I believe I will use it in a lot of different situations.
  7. I'm looking forward to this myself, though I'll have to wait until next month to get it. Money's tight right now.

    I was thinking about this as I picked up a Tarot deck, speculated on whether or not it could be possible to apply this new principle to Tarot, and the word from Papercrane Productions is that it is.

    Upon hearing that, I was bombarded with so many ideas that I can only describe it as a brain-gasm.

  8. There is no gaff, and no gimmick sold with the effect. Also, you can use the same technique to manipulate any face card, or any other card in a normal deck. The only gimmick, if any, is home made. And to top it off, there is no color change involved.
  9. Which is exactly why I'm considering buying this.

    The effect itself is a great idea but, the whole principle being able to manipulate certain physical features of a card just screams at you to be creative, and allows for seemingly limitless possibilities.


  10. Extremely good point. *Waits for everyone to be in awe at who is replying to this considering i dropped off the planet for awhile*

    When i saw that i was like.. Wow! that is a brilliant idea.
    I am looking forward to this.

  11. Okay there is a LOT of misinformation going on in this thread.

    The use of thermochromic ink is NOT a new principle in magic, it has been used in the past for several effects, the most notable one I can think of is one where suits change on a card from hearts to spades... sadly I cannot remember the name of the effect but it was well over 6 months ago.

    NOT a new idea, just a new ad campaign from ellusionist to reap massive amounts of cash from n00bs.

    you can actually get a HUGE jug of thermochromic ink for free if you simply google the term and email the companies pretending you are interested in using it for some future product. They'll send you a massive jar of the stuff that should last a lifetime, I've been playing with it a bunch myself.
  12. I want everyone to know that this does NOT use thermochromatic ink or any heat sensitive ink. Again it does not use what the poster above is implying.
  13. I want everyone to know that I was wrong.
  14. I hate how people make up stuff and assume they are right. People did the same with Flow. Thank you to those who are supportive
  15. I am quite excited for my DVD but I didn't order the special something with it, i hope I will be able to find it in a store.
  16. Webster defines a magician as a walking ego with a big mouth and fast hands.

    And by Webster, I mean me.

  17. Urban Dictinary says: a Magicians are the magic-wielders, the wizards and mages of lore. The classes vary greatly, but they all share the mark of the gifted.
    When faced with a Magician, start praying.

    I think urban Owns Webster
  18. This was on the Sleeping Queens page:

    "Jay Sankey, a well-respected and accomplished magician, devised and published an effect called 'REM' available on his Hypervisual DVD, that has a comparable outcome from the spectator's point of view. Sleeping Queen by Dan Hauss was created independently and uses a very different method which can be applied to multiple purposes in magic and the outcome of the effect is much slower and phased."

    This was also on the page:

    "Dan has devised an ingenious way to create multiple effects and variations using the 'Sleeping Queen' technique. Endless effects are available and only limited by your imagination.

    Think of how you could use this:

    Make her eyes open slowly... more and more with each pass. Much more subtle and visual than a sudden change.
    Maybe make her 'wink'?
    What about a vanishing sword on the King of Spades?"

    In my opinion it looks great. I'm highly considering buying this.

    I also found it funny that it says "she is powerless under your control."
  19. It does sound amazing plus, I pmed papercrane and he/she replied that you can find the item needed in any large craft store or even maybe a walmart.
  20. Dont forget the bonus effects, they add a lot of value to the effect

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