Sleight or simple?

Nov 2, 2008
Obviously learning new moves and new methods increase the possibilities in your magic, but do they limit you psychologically? When I first started in magic I learned several controls. I also got a marked deck. The deck obviously allowed me to acheive what several moves did. But i started depending on the deck way to much i became out of practice with the sleights. Then my only way of advancement was buying a new trick deck. The spectators don't know the method so the how isn't important but rather the end result. Knowing the moves allows in my opinion for more creative thought but in performance it doesn't matter.

So what is better great sleights or simple?
Aug 10, 2009
iam really a sleights person so that option is easy for me. i see tricks decks as somethin for when you have a lazy time as magician and still want the most amazing reactions. but i think you have to work for it othewrise you end up going home with the thought "what a bunch of stupid people not seeing how it worked" instead of "i did such a great job this time! the work really paid of!:D". if you however use trick decks, never stop working on your sleights. i am sorry to hear that you did. hope you get back to it!
May 8, 2008
Cumbria, UK
I believe in using trick decks and gimmicks, as long as you're a good enough performer to make them seem innocent. However I often don't, due to pocket space. But still, with a trick deck, you can often accomplish incredible effects, and it gives you more leeway to work on your presentation. It is by no means a 'lazy option'.
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