SM v5 vs. DeckONE

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by BenTCM, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Hi! I am debating between getting SM v5 or DeckONE. I don't know much about them (finish, ect..) and I was hoping you guys would. Thanks in advance!
  2. D1IE has the same finish as the Sentinels. S&M are just so elite and high class. I recommend both!
  3. SMs are more classy and DeckOne is more "hardcore`. Anyone else think that a deckone card clip would look coolÉ
  4. Problem is the clip would have to be larger to fit a deckone box, and so it wouldnt be able to fit a regular deck. Besides, the deckone box is already buffed up pretty well.
  5. True. I was just thinking that the box design would look amazing as stainless steal.
  6. Yes it would look nice. I personnaly dont like the back design too much but I can see how some people would like it. Love the front with the ace though.
  7. I'm just the opposite! :p I absolutely love the back design but I'm a bit sceptical to the Ace on the front. We'll see if I change my mind when I can examine it myself instead of just looking at those juicy pictures.
  8. i choose SM than D1..
    im a graphic design people so i more attract to something more curvy...

    but D1 also not bad..i took 4 decks last week and just want to know how the feels..^^
  9. SMv5 for sure.
    Deck1 looks horrid.

  10. I actually really like the D1 appearance, they look really modern to me. The SM v5s look cool, but I am ot sure if I am the biggest fan of the light blue color...
  11. SM v5 looks professional but now they are sold out here and at dan and daves web site :(

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